Adventures in Changing My Name

Ok, so here we go with this blog thing. I’m just like the rest of them out there…always wanted to start a blog but never really had a purpose. Well, I still don’t have a purpose. I’ve always said I’m going to write a book someday. I have even titled some of the chapters already. If I have ideas for a book then I should have ideas for a blog, right? We will see!

As a side note: Nothing in my life is ever simple or easy. It probably could be but, when your brain works like mine you have lots of life adventures. 

Today I, finally, officially changed my name after being married for almost 4 months. I talked to my dad on the phone this morning and told him I was going to the Social Security Office to change my name and all that jazz. Immediately he says, “Have fun” in a very sarcastic tone. Of course I have to ask why he responded like that. He proceeds to tell me that there is “a lot of different life” at the SS office. That was that and I didn’t think much of it. Picking up my marriage license was nothing exciting. I was in and out. The guy informed me where to go and I went, not remembering what my dad had said.

So, I walked into the Social Security Office and there had to be 40-50 people waiting. Whaaat?? I had NO clue this was such a busy place. Let’s be honest…when I think of social security, I think of older people politely collecting their money. Some people like to call these “Andrea moments”, dumb, blonde moments. I like to think of it more as naive. Anyway, I sign in, do my thing, sit and wait. While sitting there, I observe, analyze and learn a few things. Here they are:

1. The grown man next to me.- A man comes and sits next to me (literally almost every seat is filled up), whips out a lime green Nintendo DS and is soon engrossed in his game. I’m not exaggerating, he was a man, an adult, with a Nintendo DS. I tell myself that maybe he doesn’t have a phone to play games on while he waits. Smart man, bringing something to occupy his time. He’s not afraid to show off his inner child in public. Props man! As I’m thinking this and start to watch him try to beat whatever level he is on, his phone rings. Out comes a smart phone very capable of playing games. Strange? It gets better.

2. The kid in front of me.- In comes a cute, little chunky kid, no more than 6 years old, with his grandma (I think). I’m a kid person so when he sits in front of me, I smile, and then look away. The kid doesn’t sit in the seat like a normal person (or child) would. He is sitting backwards with his arms hanging over the back, staring at me, chewing on something. I give him the “Hiii bud, how ya’ doin’?” smile. Nothing. Still staring and chewing. So I then shoot him the “This is awkward, why hasn’t your grandma told you to sit on your rump?” look. Nothing. I get my phone out, check facebook, do a little pinteresting when “plop” I feel something hit my foot. I look around to pick up whatever he dropped to find a slobbery, half chewed mint. The kid is now smiling at me because of course, this is funny, right? This incident happens twice. Still nothing.

3. The sleepy person- Before long I think I hear a person snoring. I think, no way, we are in public, someone didn’t fall asleep, they may just be a heavy breather. Wrong. Some man was sleeping! Not just sleeping, snoring. Snoring, loud for all to hear. I look around, surely someone else hears this man and we can exchange a smile. Nope, nada, nothing. Fine. The man must have had a long night for reasons I have no clue about. You get some rest sir and I hope your turn comes soon. 

FINALLY! My number is called and I get up. The sleeping man turns out to be a lady who has not heard anything that is going on around her. If she wasn’t making noises, I would have thought we needed to call the ambulance. The lady who helps me is sweet but you can tell she is annoyed with the amount of people in the waiting area. She asks for my mother’s maiden name. Sure, no problem. Then, asks for my dad’s last name. I immediately ask, “Maiden name?”. Ha, woops! Oh, I’m sorry ma’am that’s the Andrea moment coming out. You’re welcome for the laugh.

Moral of the story: Be prepared for all types of life when you go to the Social Security Office. There is lots to be learned from the people around you. You may learn how to beat level 37 of Super Mario Brothers, learn how you don’t want your future children to act in public, or be thankful for the warm bed you woke up in that morning. Thank you to everyone I had the chance of observing today. I truly enjoyed my experience (unlike most). 🙂



2 thoughts on “Adventures in Changing My Name

  1. Shawn Steward says:

    Made me laugh a little. I’ve definitely been the sleeping guy and the grown man playing a game, now I know how other people saw me at those times ;p

    • No problem with playing games. I actually got hooked on watching him. It was just different to see since we are all so hooked on our smart phones. Glad you got a laugh! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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