New Kids On the Block

Today one of my students said to me, “My mom saw you outside your house doing yard work!”. In a matter of five seconds I had several thoughts run through my head. Oh my gosh did she see me when I was wearing my bathing suit top and shorts? Please, no. No, Andrea, you don’t mow the grass! You don’t even know how to start the lawn mower. You don’t even live in this city. That was back in the summer when you did that. She doesn’t know where you live. So I politely responded with, “I don’t mow the grass. It must have been someone that looked like me.” Good response. My brain keeps going…Who does yard work in a bathing suit top and shorts? That just really isn’t necessary for the neighbors to see. In my defense, it was before our wedding so I was getting my tan on but I just could not have tan lines from a t-shirt while wearing a wedding dress.

Anyway, this got me thinking. What else do people see that may be a little weird? We have talked to our neighbors on both sides of our house but other than that it is a really quiet neighborhood. We don’t see many people outside much. Do they see us? Is that why we don’t see them? Do they hide when we come out? I have no clue why they would hide when they see us, we are nice people…

  • The bounce house.- We came home one day  and to our surprise found a real life, ginormous, bounce house in our backyard. Normal? No. Fun? Unbelievably. Long story short: At the time one of our friends worked at a place that rented out bounce houses. Our friends had the idea to put one in our backyard for a little excitement. After several grown adults bounced around and laughed hysterically until our stomachs hurt, we rolled out of the bounce house (literally). I looked over and saw our neighbor found the bounce house in our backyard (Duh, how could she not?) and just witnessed our adventure. “Sorry!! We’re just having a little fun!” Thankfully, she enjoyed our bounce house and encouraged the antics.
  • The doberman and the lawn tractor.- One day this summer the hubs was mowing the yard and I decided to join him to do some yard work in the front yard. I brought our dog out and I tied her up with a 30 foot leash (which is really made for horses) from one of the poles of our work bench. I should probably go back to the part about the lawn tractor. Sam calls this 20 year old, ghetto, white trash looking, lawn mower..a lawn tractor. Not only do I have a 80 pound doberman tied up to the workbench but I have a husband mowing the yard on a lawn tractor that could break down at any time. Classy.
  • The silhouettes behind the curtains.- We don’t have blinds on our front window, only curtains. I love our chevron curtains and think the neighbors should also get the chance to enjoy them. It didn’t occur to me until a couple days ago that when the lights are on inside and it’s dark out, you can see silhouettes of the people inside. Any given night the neighbors could see me practicing my self-taught karate skills, conducting an orchestra in a lively song, or random dog toys being thrown through the air a thousand times (Paisley could play fetch/tug for days). You’re welcome, neighbs, for the entertainment.
  • The rollerblading.- We had a genius idea one night to dust off the roller blades and see if we still had it. We put our roller-blades on, went outside and tested our skills. It wasn’t long before Sam suggested I stay near the grass just in case my stilts of legs decided to stop working, I could just fall into the grass. Smart, smart man. I’m not all that coordinated with these lanky arms and legs of mine. After a little practice, Sam was climbing our hill and blading down the middle of the road like there hadn’t been 15 years since his last blading session. As I was sitting in the grass, waiting for him to come down the hill one last time one of our neighbors spotted me and called out, “Not as easy as it used to be?”. Dead on sir!

…We have a welcoming front porch, a homemade, season-insprired wreath hanging on the front door, and a “welcome” sign in the flowerbed. I mean, why wouldn’t the neighbors want to talk to us? 🙂 


One thought on “New Kids On the Block

  1. aunt Linda says:

    I love your sense of humor! U know I m “technically illiterate”…can I get this blog on my computer/ and how? I want to keep reading. OK, now hurry up & send me Xmas possibilities for u n Sam…at least sizes for each of u. HURRY! 😉

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