Real Life vs. Fake Life

The other day on Facebook I was tagged in a picture that said, “Being an adult is the dumbest thing I have ever done.” I couldn’t agree with the picture more. There are lots of times I have said such a thing. Once again, my brain started spinning. “Wait, I’m not an adult. I just have glimpses of adult life that I have to partake in but I am definitely not an adult.” I’ve always looked at people who are older than me as adults. I would like to think this is the norm for people not just me. Kind of like the saying…they keep getting older but I’m still the same age (Is that even a saying or did I make it up?). I do have adult responsibilities I tend to such as paying bills, cleaning the house (Only when it’s convenient. I have so much other fun stuff I could be doing other than cleaning the house.), working….annnd that’s pretty much all the so called adult things I can think of.

From a society viewpoint people are viewed as  adults once they hit 18. This is absurd. If they were a fly on the wall in my  life today they wouldn’t want to consider me as an adult as a 25 year old. I am totally, 100%, utterly and completely okay with this. Here are my thoughts on being an adult/growing up:

1. The concept of money. If you can’t think outside the box, you’re a realist or whatever you un-fun people are called, please just stop reading. The next few lines will probably make you mad that there are people like me in the world. WHY oh why does our world rely so heavily on money? There are people making a stupid amount of money and then there are people who have no clue where their next meal is coming from. How is this fair? I understand the whole working bit, too. You have to work to get money. I get that. But some people have these crazy circumstances come up that they aren’t expecting and they don’t know how they are going to survive. Ok, end rant. Here is my genius idea! A bartering system! We all make/create a good or service that can be bartered for something else. I will make bathing suits in the summer and scarves/hats/gloves in the winter. I understand this isn’t a popular demand for all folks so the hubs will have to come up with something really great to offset my low demand. 🙂 I have suggested moving to an unknown land and starting this type of world. If any of you would like to come with me, just let me know and we can start planning.

2. The husband thing. It’s still a little weird for me to say the word husband to people. Once again, husband/wife reminds me of grown ups and I’m not doing that whole gig. Anyway, the word is weird but the husband/wife thing is fun! No matter what, you are always going to have a partner in crime. I’m sure as we accumulate years under our belt our crimes will be a little less exciting but to us they will still be as adventurous. We came home one night and after watching a little bit of tv Sam asked if I thought he could kick the ceiling. Excuse me? Did you say, kick the ceiling? Who does that?…we do. It is confirmed, after several attempts, several snorts from me laughing too hard and several times of Sam falling down straight on his back he sure did kick the ceiling. Impressive, huh? I think so, too. Just the other night we were walking down the stairs to get dinner. Nothing exciting, but wait…nothing is ever not exciting in our house.  He bet me that he could make it to the other side of the basement and land on the stairs in 2 steps. No freaking way. Impossible. In our house you have to go down in the basement area then back up to get to the garage. Ok dude, go for it. I can’t wait until I win. Sure enough he leaped across our basement floor and barely landed on the bottom step in a crouching position looking like he was about to play leap-frog. Once I composed myself and wiped the tears in my eyes from laughing so hard I asked how in the crap he knew he could do that. nonchalantly he responded with. “Nick and I tried it when we moved in.” I should have known.

3. Having your own “stuff”. Sure a house comes with bills, breaks and blowouts but also with that comes the joy of sitting on your own couch and loving everything you have. Sidenote: We (really I) was so excited to decorate for Christmas this year that I had to go looking for our first fake tree 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Bless Sam’s heart, he did not complain once as we went to 14, yes 14, stores. Some we went to twice so really they shouldn’t count. I guess 12 is still a little extreme. Anyway, we agreed that we finally found the most perfect tree. We get the tree, the outdoor lights and some decorations for inside. Everything gets put up the weekend before Thanksgiving (even though my brother thinks I’m a wackjob..this is nothing new though). Thanksgiving day rolls around and we are looking at the ads. I get to the last page of the Target ad (where we bought our tree) and there in large, red print reads “ALL TREES 50% OFF”. Woops! Well, you live and you learn, right?? 🙂 Back to the point: We have a good mix of our own stuff in our house and stuff we have been given. Yes, we have bills to pay, things to fix when they break or arguments over laundry procedures but if we take a step back we are pretty dang lucky to be living in this grown up world.

4. My all time favorite part of being a grown up…Real Life vs. Fake Life. The best part about this is that I get to pick which one I’m living in at any certain point. If I do something dumb or have an “Andrea Moment” I get to live in fake life. It’s funny because all our friends have finally just accepted the real life vs. fake life thought and actually enjoying living both too. Nothing can be held against you when you are living in fake life. Thus, a lot of my life is lived in this life. I highly suggest you try the real life vs. fake like concept. You may enjoy it more than you think!

My list could go on and on…Moral of the story: Even though I wouldn’t suggest taking too much away from my life, I would take this. Don’t take yourself too seriously. What’s the point? Sometimes it might be necessary but 90% of the time it’s not. Rollerblade down your street with your husband. Order too much Pizza Hut one night so you don’t have to cook for 2 more days (I’m good at this one). Try to make it from one side of a room to another in two leaps. Do random things on random nights. Have fun. Live in fake life.


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