Christmas Cards & Canned Food Drives

Warning: This post is all in real life. Not nearly as much fun as fake life, I know. If you have no clue what I’m talking about you should probably read my previous post.

Christmas Cards

In the past couple weeks I have added something to my list of adult activities I enjoy. Christmas cards! We sent out our first family cards this year. Props to the hubs for being a good sport and our good friend for getting Paisley (our dog) to sit like a lady for our family portrait. You’re welcome in advance for the chuckle.

Family Christmas Card 2013

Christmas Card 2013

I have enjoyed coming home from work to find Christmas cards in the mailbox. Several days I’ve been disappointed but the days we receive cards I can hardly wait to get inside and open them. I have this weird OCD thing that I don’t like to open them in the car. I have to be in the kitchen before I can open them. I know, I admit, it’s weird. Today I pulled up to our mailbox instead of parking then walking down our driveway that is covered in ice. I didn’t feel it necessary to walk down the ice rink and find myself body sledding to the bottom. As I pulled up to the mailbox I did a double take at our driveway. Our neighbors had already cleared our driveway with their snow blower (if you’re reading this..thanks for helping us out, again!)! I had a thirty second dance party in my car. Maybe I could finally get my car up the driveway and into the garage. Wooo! I opened the mailbox to find a Christmas card (thank you Memaw Linda) AND free return address labels! Happy Monday to me. I was soo excited I threw my car in reverse and boom! My side mirror whacked the crap out of the mailbox flap/door thing. We now have a messed up mailbox handle and just a tiny crack in the plastic around my side mirror. Totally worth it for the free return address labels, a Christmas card and a shoveled driveway! I hope the car dealership agrees when it’s time to trade my car in. 🙂

Canned Food Drive

The past couple weeks at school the student council held a canned food drive to help stock the local food pantry. The girl I co-teach with (Katie) and I told the kids we would join in the fun and bring in cans to help contribute if they had good participation throughout the whole competition. Katie and I are quite the competitive people so Thursday we promised the kids we would bring in a decent amount of cans for the last day. I decided to get the most bang for my buck and hit up Aldi. Every smart teacher would do the same. The difference between myself and any smart teacher (or really any person)…they probably understand how Aldi works. I went with my roommate in college once and I don’t remember it being an ordeal. Once again, probably the difference between my life and anyone else’s life. Before going to Aldi I text Katie and told her I would pick up a bunch of cans for us and we could split the cost later. Good thing she didn’t respond right away. If you are an avid Aldi-goer I hope you enjoy my story. 🙂 Here’s how my Aldi experience went down:

The cart: Walking up to the store I thought it was rather odd that the carts were located outside. I walked up to them anyway and tried to pull one out. The problem with this you ask? They are chained together. I said to myself (but totally meant for the lady next to me), “What in the heck do you do here?”. No response. She had a child with her so I figured she was just getting a cart outside of the store to help with the baby instead of waiting until she got inside. Wrong. So, so wrong. As I walked inside I realized there was not another cart dispenser thing like the one outside. Within thirty seconds I saw a lady with a cart and truly debated on “borrowing” her cart while she wasn’t looking. How else was I going to buy a cart load of cans? We had a competition to win! Option #2 was to find any empty box and use it. That’s how we get our items out of Sam’s club, it had to be ok at Aldi, too. Well, no one else made the poor cart decision like myself so I didn’t see anyone else using boxes as bags so I decided against. I finally (the store isn’t that shouldn’t have been so hard) found the Ramen noodles, grabbed three boxes and a few random noodles packages and was ready to check out.

The checkout: As I was waiting in line I saw a display of hand sanitizer. Yes!! We were actually out of it at school. Perfect, until I remembered I didn’t have a cart and I was running out of hands. No worries, after almost dropping the random noodle packages and the top box of ramen I was successful in grabbing sanitizer. I was next to check out so I put my items on the belt thing and waited my turn. As I was waiting the line started to back up behind me. Then, it was my turn, the lady scanned all my items and I was ready to pay. She asked if I wanted bags and before I answered she said “Paper is six cents and plastic is ten.” Well, no, I don’t want bags now. Had I not been so cheap, my check out would have went a little smoother. I swiped my card on the machine and automatically asked what I needed to hit for credit. “Ma’am, we don’t take credit. Only cash or debit.” Who doesn’t take debit? Aldi. Ok, fine. I entered my pin (or so I thought). “Your card has been declined.” There went my brain: What? It’s only nine dollars..I know I have that much in my account…gaahh! We have a competition to win. I don’t have time to go to Kroger. Thank goodness the cashier interrupted my thoughts. I entered the wrong pin. YES! I could still get the ramen and the competition was still win-able! Of course, now she was trying to hurry me along since she had a long line but remember I didn’t have a cart and I didn’t buy bags. I had to figure out a way to grab all of this off her scanner within .3 seconds but no worries, I was successful.

Now that I understand how the game is played I will definitely be making more visits. What a great place with great prices (did I really just say that?)! I hope this has helped anyone who has never ventured to Aldi’s but always wanted to see what the excitement was all about. I might send a letter to corporate offering a great idea from a once confused customer: Put a playbook outside the store. This could help their business. Fewer confused customers like myself = more profit on their end.

Just for cuteness..a (kinda blurry) picture of my niece being a trooper at the outlet mall shopping with her mom and I yesterday.




5 thoughts on “Christmas Cards & Canned Food Drives

  1. BobbieJo Wells says:

    And this post just gives me another reason to call you my friend! Hahaha! I must admit fake life is pretty fun.. But real life seems almost as entertaining!

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