Goodbye 2013, Hello Elton John

2013 was quite the year for Sam and I. We started the search for our first house in January, received the keys to our perfect starter home in April, got married in July and I started a new job in August. The past 8 months have been spent learning how to properly participate in real life while maintaining our goal of not being those typical grown ups. If you ask us, we have done a pretty fantastic job. If you ask our friends and family, there were probably a couple questionable moments. Mainly questionable times for myself, not so much for Sam.

On New Year’s Eve someone asked on Facebook if people could sum up their year in one word. My word for 2013 is magical.

Our first home…magical. It’s so mind-blowing to me that a little over a year ago we were trying to convince my dad to “invest” in a house for Sam and I. At the time we considered ourselves gypsies. We lived between his grandparents farm (it’s hard to explain but it’s basically a separate apartment attached but not attached to the main house) and my dad’s house. The gypsy stage of our lives could be it’s own blog post. Here’s just a little preview: My dad (we called each other roommates at the time) shared many in-depth, sophisticated chats over Saturday morning breakfast. There were many times I left my dad speechless. Particularly the time I suggested playing rock, paper, scissor with China to help come to an agreement on the debt situation. Another time he locked me out of the house while I was wearing a sweatshirt far too large for me, leggings and my bright pink Snuggie with a kangaroo pouch. I think some of my favorite roommate times were the notes I would receive from “management” aka, my dad. Here’s an example:

Management Reminder

Anyway, we have had a blast creating memories with friends and family in our new home. It’s exciting to walk in your own house and get the I’m home feeling.

Our wedding…magical. Planning a wedding in 7 months can be a little stressful but I would do every little part of planning again. Our wedding day was the We were surrounded by our favorite people in the world who were there to help celebrate us. There were a few mishaps such as rain that stopped us from having our outdoor wedding or getting grease down the left side of my dress 20 minutes before walking down the aisle. Ok, story time. Because of the downpour of rain we got an hour before our wedding which stopped us from getting the beautiful outdoor pictures our photographer had planned, he found an indoor carousel and we hopped on for a little photo shoot fun before walking down the aisle. It was a blast to relax and have fun with our wedding party before the madness began! When we finished our ride, we got off and were talking about how awesome the carousel was when I heard a little bit of panic in my bridesmaids’ voices. They informed me I had grease on the back of my dress and I was going to walk down the aisle in 15 minutes. After a few minutes of frantic chatter, my Uncle Rod ran to the closest store to get some Dawn dish soap. My bridesmaids instantly became my personal Cinderellas as they frantically tried to get out as much grease as they could. Our photographer, Tad Killian (look him up, he’s great), captured this photo.

Cinderellas hard at work

Cinderellas hard at work

Everything went perfectly the rest of the night. Not one person mentioned the grease (glad I know people smart enough to not tell a bride she has spots of her dress 🙂 ), we laughed, cried, danced, sang and simply enjoyed every second of that day. The Hilton Garden Inn in Miamisburg spoiled us with hospitality for our guests and couldn’t have done a better job with our reception. Thank you to our parents, wedding party, family and everyone else who made our day magical.

Our honeymoon…magical. We went to Cancun, Mexico thanks to our friend Leigh Anne’s parents being excellent organizers and travel agents. This was our first trip out of the country together and without any adults with us. When we told people this they were quick to remind us we were adults. “Wellll…I wouldn’t go that far” was always our response. We spent 6 days in an all-inclusive paradise doing whatever our little hearts desired. We swam with dolphins, golfed (Sam golfed, I rode along) where we were almost attacked by raccoon type creatures who wanted to get on the golf cart with me, got massages, rode on a Mexican version of a jet-ski and went snorkeling in the ocean, laid on the beach while having food and drinks delivered to us, ate delicious dinners and enjoyed our time just the two of us relaxing after months of wedding planning. Our view from the hotel…



Our first Christmas…magical. We spent some left over gift cards from the wedding on outdoor lights. We did not realize how expensive the Christmas light process can be. I assured him it was fine, we wouldn’t need to buy new lights for a couple years. Wrongo. A few days later I was telling this story at a family function and was informed that we would get lucky if they all made it to next year. Their expertise on life was correct. It seemed just a few days later we had a section in the middle of one of our strands go out. Wooo for new lights next year! After writing about my love for getting Christmas cards in my last post, my mom sent out an email to all her little elves. She shared with them my excitement over receiving cards since I was little and asked for them to share a little Christmas spirit with our house. The first day we received 17 cards from old neighbors, old and new co-workers of my mom, family and people we don’t even know. Of course, I got a little teary eyed. Sam didn’t really find as much excitement in the fun as I did until we received a card the next day from the radio crew at Mix 107.7, handwritten and signed by all of them. Over the next few days we received 63 Christmas cards. Talk about excitement! Thanks Ma and all your little elves for helping to make our first Christmas memorable. We decorated, hosted our friends party, listened to hours of Christmas jams, laughed continuously while watching Christmas Vacation, opened presents, and enjoyed the magic of the season, together, in our first home.

This finally leads me to the Elton John part of this post. Today’s guest on Live with Kelly and Michael (I am seriously going to miss watching this show every morning when I go back to work) was Elton John. I honestly had never watched anything that had to do with Elton John until I watched him on Ellen this past summer. So when he came on Kelly and Michael this morning I was intrigued to watch an interview with him again. In his interview he said he was playing some really fancy piece on the piano when he was three. He said “We didn’t have a tv so I learned to play the piano when I was young.” And then it happened…my mind started wandering. THREE? He played the piano at three? Makes sense, no tv or electronics, they had a piano so, why not? Then I start to think of musical geniuses of my time. Are there any? Will our children have any musical geniuses they will be intrigued by when they are my age? I mean, children have so many electronics to keep them busy tv, game systems, tablets, phones, etc., etc., will as many children have interest in musical instruments as children did during Elton John’s day? Will we have musical geniuses of our time for our children to learn from? Or is music going to turn into the rap crap (makes me sound old) where you can’t understand what they are saying half the time and the words you can understand are all derogatory words for groups of people other than themselves? I know some think this kind of music has a great beat and speaks to them. More power to you. I’m just saying this isn’t the type of stuff I enjoy. I’ve been a country music listener my whole life. People have their opinions on that, too. When I think about country music now, I wonder, who is the next George Strait, Garth Brooks or Reba of the up and coming singers? We can only hope we still have musical geniuses to listen to in years to come. When I text this thought to Sam his immediate response was, “Are you watching Kelly Rippa again?” My friends loving laughed at my thought of the day and tried to seriously help answer my questions. 🙂

So, Elton John, you have inspired me to try new things. Listen to new music, try new recipes (I’m starting to get the hang of the kitchen. I recently made a dinner that the hubs approved for an “every week” meal.), have a glass of Saturday night wine on a Monday night, keep in touch with old friends, enjoy making relationships with new friends, create new traditions with the hubs, craft as much as possible, finish reading books I started months ago, continue adventuring, and always spend some time in fake life.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013, Hello Elton John

  1. Tish Depew says:

    Andrea……I have fully enjoyed hearing your lighthearted enjoyment over things that lots of folks wouldn’t even notice……..much less ENJOY!! Keep laughing together, it keeps you young. I love your appreciation of Christmas cards…..I too, love the real thing and it not being sent electronically. Make’s it real and not just a black and white thing, with no emotion. Yes, I’m guilty of the text and the email, FB but I really love to hear a voice. Just keep your world magical~~~~ And man…….that management that you were living with, so picky!! LOL You know I love your mom & dad!!

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