14 things I’ve learned in 2014

I love lists so I’ve decided to make one of some interesting things I’ve learned so far this year.

1. When bathing a 1 year old, make sure to check the water temperature before dumping water on their head to wash out shampoo. Cold water will send the content, water-soaked baby into a screaming fit and make you feel like the worst aunt ever.
2. Baby snuggles (even slobbery, sick snugs) are simply wonderful.
3. There, in fact, is no footage of dinosaurs. Not even anything in HD.
4. A “Big Boy” burger at Frisch’s is not nearly as good as the picture looks.
5. Speaking of, their vanilla Pepsi isn’t as bad as I had imagined. It doesn’t come close to vanilla coke but totally do-able.
6. After nearly 4 days of no voice, it will still come back when it’s ready. I truly was starting to wonder if I just forgot how to talk (very scary thought for me).
7. You are never too old for a good ol’ living room fort. I do believe Sam enjoyed it as much as I did.
8. Holding an intelligent conversation with me when my ADD has kicked in has to be similar to getting your dog to speak, nearly impossible. Especially when talking about the galaxy the Milky Way…my mind automatically drifts to the candy bar.
9. A house payment may be the same as renting an apartment. The plus of an apartment? Maintenance (for free) on speed dial. We had 3 different contractor guys out in 2 weeks, for 3 different problems.
10. Anything topped with peanut butter is heavenly. Angel food cake, Oreos, rice cakes, waffles, my list could go on.
11. The amount of money taken out of my check is sickening.
12. Live with Kelly and Michael is addicting.
13. When your husband offers to do the laundry, don’t give him instructions. Everything in one load, on cold water, never hurt anything.
14. Listening to an audiobook while on the elliptical is quite a challenge for a brain like mine.

January has obviously been quite a month of learning for the Haddix house. ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “14 things I’ve learned in 2014

  1. Aunt Linda says:

    You definitely made me smile and laugh out loud. I assume your “fort” was when your furnace went out, and you had to surround yourselves with electric heaters while “mattressing” on the living room floor! Keep up the great blogs, sweetie!

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