Dear Snow

Dear Snow,

As I opened my back door this morning to let my dog out I discovered that you decided to show up for yet another visit. How nice of you! You must not have gotten the hint that you’ve over stayed your welcome. I think I can speak for most people when I say this- you can pack your bags and head out any time. Preferably soon. Actually, I wouldn’t mind to help! Make the process a little easier on you.

I am usually one of your biggest fans and can’t wait for the first time you surprise us with your presence. Looking outside my window at a sheet of your beauty when I’m snowed in, knowing I don’t have to leave my house, is quite wonderful. I especially love when you give us a white Christmas. You really make Christmas time with family and friends feel even more special when you’re white sparkles shine across front yards, roads, and tree branches. One of my all time favorite feelings you provide me with is the first “snow day” of the year. I thoroughly enjoy waking up to a school cancellation. Not many people are able to say snow days are one of the perks of their job.

You have way overdone yourself this year. The first snow was nothing short of fabulous and did end up in a snow day. You couldn’t have had more perfect timing with that one. It had been a rough week at work and a free day off was more than welcome. Then, you kept falling giving us snow day numbers, two, three, four (uh oh we are running out of calamity days, have to save that last one incase we get the blizzard of 2014), AND five. Dang. We are now out. I really have no desire to go to school farther into June than we already do. But you weren’t done! We then got snow day number six and SEVEN plus a 2 hour delay. Now, I understand you were not at fault for every school cancellation but your good friend cold weather was. I’m sorry to blame you for all of this but you should choose better friends.

Let’s talk about Christmas. You really messed that one up this year. You dropped your bags off leaving us several inches of snow a bit before Christmas then decided to let your other pal rain take over for Christmas. What the crap is that? Too afraid to show your face again? Or did you know you were going to be coming back for an extended stay soon?

There are only so many times I can handle doing repeated amounts of laundry, cleaning the house (even though I had just cleaned the day before) and talking to my dog. Paisley doesn’t respond and I think she gets quite annoyed that I’m interrupting her nap time.

Then comes shoveling. I do not enjoy shoveling. My first shoveling experience at our house was supposed to be a good wife task. You had given me a snow day so I decided to shovel the driveway for Sam (partially for me so I wasn’t stuck in the house all day). I dug out layers of clothes to bundle up and headed outside. About 5 minutes into this adventure you reminded me just how out of shape I am. Rude. By the time I finished I was sweating, out of breath and had no desire to do anything productive. Thank goodness for our neighbors and their snow blower. They have been super helpful and it’s very much appreciated. The last snow day I decided to do some effective shoveling. There is no need to shovel the whole driveway when I really just need two tracks for my car to get out. Here’s what I mean:


So, my dear friend, Snow…you need to go. We have had plenty of bonding time this year. I appreciate your beauty but I also love sunshine, warm weather and sand volleyball with my friends. This stuff can’t happen if you’re still here. Good luck packing.

One of your biggest fans,


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