Dreams Do Come True

When I was younger my typical response for the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was “A Bob Villa person, a cooker or a teacher.” Obviously, the teaching idea won. I like to think this was my best option but sometimes it’s questionable if I should be shaping young minds (kidding of course– my lack of common sense is made up in my ability to teach– I hope ;)). I’m really working on the “cooker” thing. I believe my husband has now added 5 meals to the “make again” list. One of those meals being Stouffer’s frozen lasagna and another being peanut butter banana tortilla roll-ups (don’t knock it ’til you try it). Hey, I’m getting better! We haven’t had to order pizza or go out because I burnt pork chops in the crockpot in quite some time. Tonight, I got to work on my Bob Villa dream. Sort of.

This afternoon as I walked through our basement when I got home from work I thought, “Yowza. It’s cold in here.” I go to look at the thermostat and immediately look for the cameras while trying not to lose my cool. This has got to be a joke. Awesome. Our furnace is out for the third (fourth if you count the two times in one day) time. No big deal, it’s pretty warm outside. 😖 So I call the home warranty company and after several phone calls, a few grey hairs and probably a new wrinkle later, I have accomplished nothing. This is the perfect time for the furnace to go out since Sam is in training all day and then has a dinner meeting after work. Many calls later I decided to give up, turned on the 7 space heaters we have and cuddled in bed with the dog. Once I stopped pouting and being angry I decided I could do something to help. No need to sit there worthless. This is where the Bob Villa skills come in. Every time since the first Haddix House Cold Spell Sam has just replaced the fuses for a temporary fix. I can do that, right? It took a lot of conversation between myself and the dog and a bit of a pep talk but soon enough we were driving to Ace Hardware finding us some new fuses. My car was warmer than the house so if any of you are active PETA participants, don’t worry she didn’t freeze. The nice man at Ace Hardware must have sensed that I could fall off the deep end at any moment because he was overly nice. Thank you, sir. I got home with the fuse and tried to remember how Sam did this every other time. Did they have to go in opposite ways? The same way? Did the label have to be facing a certain way? Then realized, “Why am I wasting so much time thinking? It’s broken, I can’t hurt anything. Maybe I could get shocked, fall over on the floor, hit my head and lay there with no one to help me but I definitely couldn’t make the problem worse.” So, boom, those bad boys got popped in place, put back in the little box annnnd….nothing. Daaang. My Bob Villa skills failed me. Not 3 seconds later, I heard the furnace kick on. I gave myself a nice high five and headed out to warmer shelter for a couple hours. Thank you, Mr. Villa, for all those Saturday morning home building shows. My dreams of following in your footsteps are finally coming true. I should probably thank my husband too for having that manstinct of knowing how to change a fuse without confusion.

Before you know it I’ll be cooking scrumptious meals every day of the week, building that shed in the backyard Sam wants and possibly even keeping some outdoor plants alive. I’m getting pretty good at this real life stuff. Everybody watch out! 😉


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