Adventures with Baby H- Part 3, Pregnant Teacher

I’ve had fun being pregnant thus far. I’m 18 weeks and I’m one of the lucky ones who hasn’t gotten sick, I can still wear all of my clothes (some pants just have to be left unbuttoned), and I’m feeling great. When I was far enough along to tell my students I was pregnant, I was a little nervous. They are 7th/8th graders and let’s be real..they know where babies come from. I’m also one of five teachers at my school pregnant so I wasn’t quite sure of the response I was going to get. My co-teacher let us get off topic one day in math to announce to the kids I was pregnant with this picture.

Their faces and reactions were priceless. Teaching and being pregnant is even more fun than just being pregnant…I get to share the experience with 13 and 14 year old innocence. Over the last several weeks I’ve had many conversations with quite interested students. I hope you can get a little chuckle out of at least one.

I hadn’t been in class for nearly two weeks because of our lovely state testing. I had small groups I had to test outside the classroom.
Girl: “Mrs. Haddix! You are changing!”
Me: “Yes, I sure am. There’s definitely a baby in there.”
Girl: “It’s so fast! Last week you looked like this (sucks her stomach in real far). This week you look like this (pushes her stomach out as far as it can go).”
–Thank you, honey, for your honesty.

“So, what are you going to do when your pants don’t fit anymore?”

“Do you have super powers now that you’re pregnant?” –I totally went with this question! Yes, sir. I sure do!

Stop jumping around! You have a baby in there now.”

This is my favorite conversation so far:
Boy: “What’s the difference between your baby momma and your baby’s mom?”
*I had to pause for a few to make sure I responded properly.
Me: “Well, if Sam (I talk about him often and there’s been several times my kids have wanted to call him during the school day) introduced me as his baby momma I wouldn’t be happy.”
Boy: “Ok. I would say baby momma and you’d say your baby’s mom.”
–I just nodded as he walked off confidently with full understanding of the two terms.

Girl: “When do you find out what you’re having?”
Me: “May 29th.”
*They all get excited.
My co-teacher: “She’s not going to tell you what she’s having.”
*They all get angry.
Me: “Nope, I’ll just have to run into you some time this summer.”
Girl: (serious as can be because she has a genius idea) “Ok, you need to go grocery shopping in July.”
–Don’t worry, dear. This pregnant lady will definitely do lots of grocery shopping at some point during the month of July.

Girl: “I told my mom you were pregnant and she told me some tricks that helped her when I was little. You have to keep the baby around loud things all the time when they are little. If you do that, it will always be able to fall asleep in loud places.”
Me: “Perfect! You and I both know I have the loud thing under control.”
*All she responded with was a big smile and a laugh.

The boys aren’t as chatty about the pregnancy as much as the girls but they show their interest in other ways. Boys who aren’t always the most thoughtful are opening doors for me, I drop something on the ground and they are the first to pick it up. When I first told one of my boys he wouldn’t leave my side. It was like he instantly decided to become my protector at school. The 8th graders could talk about me being pregnant for days. Luckily I’m in a science classroom with an experienced teacher who doesn’t mind to answer any question the kids throw at us.

You think all teenagers are loud, obnoxious and rude? Come spend a day with me at my middle school and you’ll change your mind.


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