Adventures with Baby H- Part 4, Names

Naming our little babe has been quite an adventure. We can’t agree on many names. Sam likes normal and I like not normal (shocking, right??). I don’t understand how people can choose a name and stick with it their whole pregnancy. I’m not good with long term decisions. I want to trade in the car I bought two years ago for a lease so that I have the ability to change my car every three years. You can’t do that with a baby’s name. He/she is stuck with it forever. What if we decide in a couple years we don’t like it? Does that happen? It took us 3 or 4 days after getting our dog, Paisley, to decide she was going to be Paisley. Props to those of you out there who have this name game down! Maybe you could share some pointers. 🙂

If we do come up with a name that one of us likes there’s been a few tests it has to run through before it gets a yes or no.
1. Sports Announcer Test- Would this name sound good if it was announced as making the game winning shot at his/her senior state championship basketball game? I know, what if they don’t play sports? We don’t want to think about that. I shared this theory with a couple of friends the other night. They laughed at first but then had me test their name. I do believe they were in agreement with the theory and their baby names sounded great being announced as if their child had just made the game winning play.
2. The Teacher Test- I think it’s safe to assume I’m not the only teacher who automatically thinks of a particular student when a name is suggested. This could be good or bad but I would say mainly bad. I personally don’t want to name my kid Johnny if I had a student one year named Johnny who gave me 20 new grey hairs. Sam thinks I’m crazy. I just feel like the kid is doomed from the beginning if he/she is named after that student. Let’s be real, Sam and I have been told we were a little tough to raise at a few points in our life. No need to jinx ourselves from the get go if possible.
3. The Yelling Test- Sam would like our child’s name to have two syllables. This way it can be shortened when needing to yell for them. He thinks it’s hard to excitingly yell a longer name, thus we could shorten it if needed. On the flip side, if the child’s in trouble, he’s practiced kindly yelling a shortened version of their name. He says the child will know we mean business if we use their shortened name. My name was never shortened but when I heard Andrea Lynne! I knew I should be a little scared. Usually it was my brother’s name being yelled, though. 😉

Not many have made it through these tests. The internet doesn’t help with the name game either. I’ve googled everything I can think of: unique baby names, new baby names, old baby names, unusual baby names. All I get are names I can’t pronounce which means I know Sam can’t pronounce them. He claims he has a speech impediment. This is also another test the name has to go through. I tell him if we practice the name over and over he will have it down by October. Ha, he doesn’t go for the idea.

We find out this week what we are having so maybe it will help us narrow down the search. Stay tuned for the winner!


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