Adventures with Baby H- Part 5, Pregnancy Brain or Andrea Brain?

There have been many moments in my life that people refer to as “Andrea Moments”. At our wedding my maid of honor and Sam’s best man both mentioned Andrea Moments in their speeches. I had always heard of pregnancy brain and the forgetfulness that comes with the territory. Since I’ve been pregnant we have had a hard time deciphering if these moments are pregnancy brain or just the way my brain works.

Here’s a few examples to brighten your day:

*Sam plays on a softball team once a week and I like to make sure I take my own water. It gives me something to keep me occupied for the hour that the game lasts. Plus, the concession stand at Rice Field just isn’t like it was when we were kids so I get irritated if I have to contribute. (Side note, and you will only get this if you spent your summers at Miamisburg’s baseball diamonds: I tried to buy 100 red fish and as I held out my dollar the lady kindly informed “that’s not how they do things anymore”. Poor children have to spend their whole post game dollar on one small package of the same candy? Everything’s not a penny anymore? Such a let down.)  Anyway– One particular Monday I left my water in the car so I decided to walk back and get it. As I got closer to my car I realized the real bathrooms (not porta-potty’s) were only a few more steps. Being pregnant you have to take bathroom opportunities when you get them. On my way back to my car I decided I should get a piece of gum while I’m there. I was five steps away from my seat back at the diamond before I realized I went to the bathroom, got myself some gum but did not get my water. Fail.

*I decided to start our registry online instead of actually going into the store. My sister in laws were over so it was nice to have some input from moms who had been through the registering process. When it came time to register for a monitor I was a little confused by all the different options. I mean it’s as if they can do anything but actually put your screaming baby back to sleep. As we were looking at one particular monitor I told everyone I understood what the video option did, what the movement option did but was confused on the sound option. …Out of all the Andrea Moments, I think this is one that scared my husband the most.

*When sending my brother and his family off to Germany I tried to give them some advice.-

“You guys be careful not to get caught up in all the World Cup madness I’m seeing on the news.”

“We won’t since it’s in Brazil.”

“Yes, yes. You should be just fine.”

*One morning I was texting with Sam talking about baby things. I asked his opinion on registering at Target, along with Babies R Us, since they have more decorations for the nursery. Here’s the outcome:


I think I literally laughed out loud at this one for a good five minutes.

*Have you ever felt like your bladder was going to bust if you had gotten to the bathroom one second later? I have. Have you ever been so relieved that you made it without peeing your pants that you sit down, start to have yourself a little dance party to suddenly realize your drawers are still on? I have. Have you ever laughed hysterically at yourself in the bathroom stall then immediately run out to tell at least 3 co-workers what just happened? I’ve done that, too.

After sharing one of these with a few friends, my dear friend Brittany (who thinks quite similar to the way I do) informed me that the scary part of all of this is that it’s very possible the “baby brain” won’t go away. A plus of having these moments while pregnant is people just accepting the pregnancy brain excuse. I get even more excited when others blame it on the pregnancy before I can get it out. Little do some of you know…it’s just the way my life rolls. I have had these moments for years but it’s nice to have an excuse now.

If you haven’t gotten a chuckle out of at least one of these then you need to have yourself a beverage, some coffee or do some yoga. Whatever you need to do to relax a little. 🙂


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