Adventures with Baby H- Party of Two Expiring Soon

These past couple weeks Sam and I have spent “dating” again. We went to dinner and a movie (totally random weeknight date), went to dinner just him and I another time, took a few long drives with the dog just talking and listening to music a couple times, indulged in lots of ice cream and laughs several times and simply enjoyed being together just the two of us. I have officially hit the crazy-lady-pregnancy-stage so big props to him for dealing with me one on one so much.

I’ve been told several times that we need to do this and do that before baby man gets here. “We won’t be able to do it all once the baby makes his appearance”. Maybe this is the crazy-lady-pregnancy-stage but all this gets my mind turning even faster than it already does. Am I going to be a good mom? All this “do everything while you can” talk makes me nervous/anxious/overwhelmed/excited/and maybe a little selfish. It’s only been Sam and I for the last 9 years. In a few short weeks we will have a tiny human that we created craving our attention. What!!!! Ok, stop, it can’t be that bad or people wouldn’t have multiple kids. Am I really so selfish to be nervous about adding a human to our mix of crazy? Is this normal? Gah, we are going to parents be in five-ish weeks! And finally, I can’t be alone in having these thoughts. Oh wait, one more. With a little help, we have kept the flowers we planted alive alllllll summer. That has to be a good sign!

Last night I mentioned all this to Sam and to my surprise this has never crossed his mind. He simply can’t wait to bring little dude home, snuggle him and add his crazy to the mix. Just what this hormonal prego needed to hear. I’m hoping his normal mixed with my never-ending, sometimes over the top thoughts will balance each other out. *Side note: he did recently read about “bringing a newborn home”. I do believe he was surprised at a few things, especially the amount of diaper changes. I like to think I know what to expect. All those years of babysitting had to help with something. I predict it will go a little like this: sleeping, snuggling, eating, diaper changing, eating, pooping, crying, peeing, sleeping, eating, diaper changing crying, pooping, pooping, snuggling and pooping. It didn’t ever really cross my mind that he didn’t have a clue how things would work those first few days/weeks. Bless his heart for looking it up. 🙂

Finishing up this post, I had to take a potty break (these happen more often than not now). As I walked by baby man’s room I had a calming feeling come over me. His room is ready, we already have boxes upon boxes of diapers, his car seat is waiting for the go-ahead in the basement, our “village” is ready to meet and love him. Everything we could possibly need and more is prepared. I can read as much as I want about bringing baby home but I know nothing can prepare me for the super awesome adventure we are about to embark on. So, I’ll kick up my feet, pour a glass of sparkling grape juice, and enjoy the last weeks of Sam and I. Nine years is a long time to be a party of two. Bring on the party of three; crazy brain and all…I can’t wait.

P.s. Several people have asked about his nursery. We didn’t do anything super over the top but here’s a couple pictures. The little animals in the frames are decorations from my shower and the frames are handmade out of barn wood by Sam’s grandpa.








4 thoughts on “Adventures with Baby H- Party of Two Expiring Soon

  1. Linda Marshall says:

    Loved your blog, as usual. You two will be such wonderful parents…that little boy is a lucky dude! I only wish I lived closer so I could see my first “great-great nephew” more often!Love to you both, and coming little H-man.

  2. April says:

    That feeling of calm will thrive once Baby H gets here. Mama instincts kick in and all will be right with your world. It’s truly amazing how you will know just what to do and when to do it. You’re going to be an amazing Mom. 🙂

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