Adventures with Baby H- Dear One Month Old Brantley

Dear One Month Old Brantley,

What???!!!! It’s already been a whole month since I woke your dad in the middle of the night letting him know that I thought I was having contractions and that you may possibly be on your way..two weeks early, the day after his birthday. You wouldn’t believe all the changes you brought when you entered our world at 4:55 on September 29th. *Side-note: We told everyone you were born at 5:05 for the first 36 hours of your life. Turns out we were wrong. 5:05 is when we happened to look at the clock, we didn’t know 10 minutes had already passed. I guess that should have been the first indication of how fast time was going to fly by with you here. Thank God for grandparents (they’ve saved the day more than once)…your Papa read the little card in your bassinet in the hospital and kindly informed us we were a few minutes off on your birth time. Sorry! 🙂

Before you were born we were told an obnoxious amount of times that everything was going to change once you were here or that we weren’t going to be able to do everything we were used to doing. In several ways these people were right. Every little part of our life is different. What these people forgot to mention is that it would be a good different. A fun, learning type of different. Sure, we don’t spend our Friday nights racking up a huge bill at Chumps anymore. We would rather spend our Friday nights snuggling you and enjoying our new family. I’m sure the time will come where we want to get out and you’ll get some quality time with your grandparents. Until then we are enjoying all the changes and things we are learning with having a little human around.

Our driving has gotten a little more safe with you in the car. On the way home from the hospital I swear your dad sat through an entire yellow light with several cars behind us. Nope, not chancing a psycho driver coming out of nowhere and running the light. Not us. We waited. And laughed. The first time I drove with you in the car I think I drove with my hands at 10 and 2 (you’ll understand this when you get your license) and didn’t go any faster than 5 below the speed limit. I also had a line of cars behind me. I couldn’t tell you the last time I drove 10 and 2 and even drove the speed limit, let alone 5 below. This week we got a new soccer mom car so we could all fit comfortably. Before, if your dad was driving I had to sit in the back seat with you and vice-versa. Your car seat only fit in the back seat if the passenger seat was pushed all the way up to the dashboard. Can you imagine the looks we got when we went through the drive-thru to get dinner?

Your first trip to the grocery was quite interesting. Looking back it’s hilarious but at the time we honestly did not know what to do with your car seat. Did we get two carts? Put you and your bag in one then all our groceries in the other. We decided against that because who walks around the grocery with two carts?! Not us. One cart it was. The trip ended with you covered in food. Again, imagine the looks we got from fellow Kroger shoppers. I got nervous you were going to start crying and we couldn’t get you out so we left without getting everything we needed. Next time we will click you in the proper way.


Your dad used to lose his patience with me whenever we were getting ready to leave the house to go anywhere. You’ve helped change this. Once you fall asleep we know we have 2 hours to get anything done before you wake up and want to eat. I now have no time to dilly-dally around which makes your dad super happy. He thanks you. Dad gets you in your seat and we are out the door in less than 5 minutes. No time to waste when we only have 2 hours to get our errands done.

Along the lines of time- you have really great timing when it comes to us eating dinner. I think I have just enough time to eat before you wake and need to eat but it never fails that you have different plans. I have never enjoyed cold or luke warm food as much as I do now. Cold pizza is always better, right?

You’ve changed so much in the last month, too. Looking at the pictures we took while in the hospital we can already see differences. Your little cheekers are getting chunkier. You have a tight grip when you hold onto our fingers and you enjoy grabbing onto mom’s hair. You really, really enjoy listening to Conway Twitty’s song That’s My Job. You especially love it when your dad sings to you. I think this is because he would shout this song at the top of his lungs while I was pregnant. You and your dad have a jam session at least once a day. Your cousin Ellie really enjoys her new baby “Antley”. You now follow our voices when we talk to you. It’s super exciting to see you look up at us! You’ve even flashed us a smile or two. You finally got out of the house last week and enjoyed some sunshine. Sorry your mom was a little crazy there for a while and didn’t want to leave. It’s better now! 🙂 You and I are getting plenty of snuggle time with your puppy. I’m sure one day you won’t want to sit on my lap and watch Gilmore Girls with me or let me rock you to sleep so I’m soaking up as much of it as I can now. You do a great job of holding off half of your poop until mom or dad have finished changing your diaper. You aren’t afraid to let the other half go the second we are done. Speaking of, your dad is getting better at making it through a nasty diaper without a clothespin on his nose! It’s a big day when that happens.

Ellie and Brantley

Ellie and Brantley

You have already stole the hearts of many, many people my little man. Your dad and I hope we are doing a good job, we sure do love having you here.


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