Adventures with Baby H- Single Mom Raising Two Boys

With two months of this parenting thing under our belt, Sam and I really feel like we are starting to get the hang of things. There is one thing, though, that continues to surprise me and that’s the truth behind this statement… “Your husband will always be your oldest and biggest child that needs the most adult supervision.”

One night after lots of swaying, bouncing and butt patting from both Sam and I, we finally got Brantley to sleep. I crawled in bed, rolled over to say goodnight and soon found myself hushing my husband. I’m not quite sure how he forgot we had just finally gotten the babe to sleep. I don’t even remember what he was saying but I do remember he was SHOUTING. He claims he wasn’t. After taking the shushing like a man he simply looked at me and asked, “How’s it feel to be a single mom raising two boys?” It was then that I decided I had never found one of his clever, witty come-backs to be more true.

Here’s just a few examples that prove my husband may happen to be the second boy I’m raising. Or maybe he’s the first and Brantley’s the second? 😉

Sam’s been working on Brantley’s basketball follow through since the day he came home from the hospital. When Brantley was maybe three weeks old Sam text and asked if he was ready to hit the courts and work on his left handed lay ups. “Nothing makes me more mad than seeing kids shooting a left handed lay up with their right hand.”

He’s looked for quad-runners to buy for Brantley. I have to remind him our son won’t be riding one of these for several years. He swears he got his first one at like two years old. I also have to remind him we live in a neighborhood, not on acres of land. Can we just see our kid roaming the neighborhood…on his four wheeler?

He’s been searching for baby wolf pack t-shirts (remember the wolf pack from The Hangover??). Our best friends are having a boy that will be 5 months younger than Brantley. Sam and Nick have matching wolf pack t-shirts. Apparently the baby boys need a wolf pack tee also.

One night while out at dinner Sam took the little skewer out of his sandwich, little pieces of napkin and his straw. Not only did he construct himself a little spitball spear, he wanted me to hold up a napkin, like I was trying to anger a bull, to see if his genius idea worked. It did and man was he proud of himself!

The boys were getting in some quality daddy-baby time one night while I cleaned up the house, did this and that since I have a hard time getting anything accomplished during the day other than watching as many tv episodes on Netflix as I can. I walked by Sam as he was singing the normal Conway Twitty to the babe and he asked me to join him in a duet. Really? A duet? No, you are nuts, I have too much to do. My mind automatically went to 3 years in the future when Brantley would be asking me to stop everything I’m doing and play with him. So, of course, we started on a duet. The only song we decided we both knew well enough to sing was the National Anthem. Turns out we need a little more practice with the words but we belted that song out like we were fighting for the championship on American Idol. If anyone would have tried to knock on our door to sell us something they would have thought we were whacked-out and turned right around.

Another night, as I was feeding Brantley before bedtime Sam waltzed in the nursery and held the monitor up (the part you watch the video on) to the camera part. They made that noise a microphone makes when it’s too close to a speaker. Sam’s face lit up. He must have noticed my dumbfounded look because he quickly responded with, “What? I wanted to see if they would make that noise.”, and walked out.

We went to Bravo for dinner for my grandma’s 83rd birthday. Bravo is a little more classy than our typical Skyline or Chumps. When Sam realized you can draw on the table this is what he drew. “A surprise for the waiter” he claimed. No further words are needed.


Boys will always be boys, I suppose.



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