Adventures with Baby H- Before I Was a Mom..

Before I was a mom…

I would never, ever have food in the bathroom. Now, I’m eating a granola bar while using the restroom before hopping in the shower. All of this done in 5 minutes.

I changed my outfit at least once a day. There was no need to stay in uncomfortable clothes when my yoga pants were available. Now, I look at myself and think…Crap, company is coming over and I’m pretty sure I’ve been wearing this shirt for two days. Oh wait, maybe it’s been three.

I didn’t appreciate a 15 minute shower. Now, I’m showering while worrying the baby is going to wake up in the middle of my shampooing.

(Eye) boogers and slobber were words I associated with my dog. Now, boogers and slobber are part of my daily wardrobe.

I hated red lights (who doesn’t?). Now, while waiting at red lights I’m searching for a spit out pacifier and applying mascara in record time.

The dry shampoo bottle found itself a nice, comfy home in the back of the bathroom cabinet. Now, I’m a pro at making my hair look like day one when it’s day two or..ughh…three.

I thought my kid would be the best dressed kid on the all times. Now, I’m thanking the good man upstairs if I can find a clean white onesie, some pants and two socks that match each other. A good chunk of the time this doesn’t happen and he rocks his pajamas for that Target trip.

I didn’t know how good I could be at using only one hand. Now, I’m making food or petting the dog with one hand while holding the baby in the other.

I would be more than annoyed if I left the house for a couple hours and returned home to my husband laying in the same spot on the couch as when I left. Now, not much makes my heart happier than coming home to a zonked out babe on my husband’s chest.

I was told to hold my baby as much as I can. The chores can wait. Now, the ten minutes before company comes over is when we do our best cleaning. Just don’t open any of the closet doors.

I never truly understood the love my parents had for my brother and I. “Love you more than you’ll ever know” was just a statement. Now, I say this to Brantley every day.

…I never thanked my parents enough.


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