The Secret Club of the Teacher Mom

Motherhood is like a club everyone knows about but only few have access to. Entry into the club is raising a little human, the secret handshake is the dark circles under our eyes and the tired look on our faces. There’s so much focus on who is doing what right; breast milk versus formula, disposable diapers versus cloth, all natural everything or not, making your baby’s food by hand or buying it in the store; that maybe people forget about the not-so- secret club we all belong to. The club lets us know we aren’t alone in this crazy adventure. I love being a part of the club but it wasn’t until I went back to work that I realized I belong to another club that even fewer have access to.

The Secret Club of the Teacher Mom. I wrote a post about being the pregnant teacher but being the teacher mom is better. Maybe it’s because I’m part of “The Best Damn Staff In The Land” (not bragging, just stating facts). Maybe it’s because I work with mostly women. Maybe it’s because I’m a new mom. Or maybe it’s because being a teacher and a mom are two of the coolest things I get to do with my life. Whatever it is, I feel lucky to be a member of the club.

Before I had Brantley I told one of my coworkers I thought maybe I was having contractions. She responded with “Oh no, you’ll know when you’re having contractions.” I didn’t like the response but she was so right. This should have been my first clue about the club. These people in my club, they get it.

If I don’t get mascara on until 3:00 in the afternoon and the only reason I did was because we had parent teacher conferences, no one cares.
If I show up to work with my hair up in a bun, looking like I ran a marathon, no one cares. Little do they know the closest thing I’ve had to a work out in 5 months is walking from my bed to Brantley’s room 4 times a night (hence the marathon look).
If I show pictures of my little man every day, no ones (openly) cares. 🙂
If I don’t get done what I promised to get done, no one’s mad. They tell me my new life is always more important. I’ll get the job done by the deadline, they get it.
I tell them the babe is sick, they give me little tips and tricks to help him feel better and ease my mind.
I have a mini-meltdown or am overly dramatic about life, they let me do my thing.
I pass coworkers in the hall, they always ask about the babe.
When I’m ready to wave the white flag and throw in the towel, they remind me why I shouldn’t.

These people in my clubs..they are great. I’m one of the lucky few. Power to the Moms and Teacher Moms everywhere. ❤️


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