The 3 a.m. Struggle

Baby is sleeping through the night?? Win! But mom’s not…

3:21 a.m.: Woken in a panic. Check phone, 3:21. Have I been up yet? Nope. Crap. Did I not hear him? Wait, he’s not awake. He should have been up once by now. Check monitor for breathing. Don’t blink, you’ll miss it. Dang, I blinked. Ok, seriously don’t blink. It’s already hard enough to see if his stomach’s moving in the monitor. Blinked. Fine, I’ll just go in there. No! Are you crazy? Why would you chance waking him? He’s fine. You’re being a freak.
3:23 a.m.: Hmm, only two minutes. Awesome! I still have two hours before I need to get up.
3:29 a.m.: Seriously?! Feel like it’s been an hour. Can’t.sleep. Might as well get up and be productive. I’ve got time to shower, work out (ha!), do laundry and all sorts of things before I really need to be up. Then maybe I could get to work early and get things done. Crap! I forgot to switch the laundry over last night. Guess I’ll be re-washing for a third time. That’s ridiculous. Pinterest. Pinterest has all the solutions.
4:15 a.m.: Andrea! Put your phone down. 45 minutes? Get a grip. You need to sleep or you’re going to hate life in the morning. Morning? It’s already morning. Ok, really, fall asleep….One sheep over the fence, two sheep, three…does anyone else literally count sheep to sleep?! Grow up. Turn on the tv, the news will definitely put you to sleep. Will the tv wake Sam? Nah, he’s out. PAISLEY! Do you have to put your foot there? For the love of all things holy! Ok, news.
6:03 a.m.: How did I sleep through alllllll of my alarms???? Just another day waking up late. Tomorrow, tomorrow will be better. Coffee.


2 thoughts on “The 3 a.m. Struggle

  1. Beverly Noble says:

    Oh Andrea, you are soooooo funny. Look on the positive side; you will have all of these life experiences to share and can be a mentor to Beth and Step! Love you.

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