11 Free/Almost Free Things You Can Get a New Mom

1. The largest water cup ever. Preferably one with a straw. A cup that doesn’t sweat and leave a mess all over is even better. The amount of water she’s going to drink is unreal. The bigger the cup, the more trips to the refrigerator to fill the cup you save her husband while she’s in the middle of a feeding session. He will thank you for this too.
2. A loving, you can do this, stop throwing yourself a pity party pep talk. Only give this when asked. If you take it upon yourself to give this pep talk without permission, mentally prepare yourself for the wrath of the devil. It’s not our fault we can turn all crazy lady in .2 seconds, hormones are intense little demons.
3. Silence. If you’re visiting the new mom and you notice she’s been pacing, bouncing, rocking, singing, butt-tapping, shut your mouth. Yes, in theory, baby should be able to sleep anywhere, at any time, in any noise level. Theory is easier than reality. A 5 minute break from your obnoxious story about God knows what is all that’s needed. She would love to hear your story in 5.
4. Punctuality. Text at 6:45- “Hey! How are ya? Want some company?” Yes! Company is just what she needs to feel a little more human. Text at 9:00- “On our way!” Seriously?! The baby is about asleep and mom’s not far behind. Sure, head over. She’ll stick toothpicks in her eyes to keep her eyelids open. Her husband will appreciate the break from talking solely to a whacked out wife.
5. A bottle of wine. Nothing fancy is needed. Remember she just gave birth. There isn’t an ounce in her body that feels fancy. She’s not even sure she wants a glass of wine but she sure will be mad when she’s ready for that glass and there’s no wine in sight.
6. A 15 minute, uninterrupted, no baby monitor on the counter, shower. Not only is it possible that she hasn’t showered in an embarrassing amount of days but she also may need to shed a few tears. The shower is the best, non-judgement-zone place to do so.
7. An iTunes giftcard. It’s inevitable that she will hear the most perfect song at 3 a.m. on Pandora’s baby lullaby radio. She will need to buy the song off iTunes right then. She won’t have a clue she even heard the most perfect song when she wakes up sleep deprived in the morning.
8. An Amazon giftcard. Similar to the iTunes giftcard. Facebook will be so boring during that 3 a.m. feeding frenzy that she will resort to online shopping to pass the time. Amazon has everything.
9. Dinner. Once again, she’s not looking for a marinated New York strip paired with asparagus and a roasted potatoes. Spaghetti, lasagna, frozen meals to throw in the oven. Really anything that involves as little thought on her part as possible is a win.
10. Persistance. She says she doesn’t need anything right now but she will. Check again in a few days. She may just need the ok for a celebratory 1 in the afternoon drink, she may need that pep talk mentioned above, she may need some coffee, she may need dishes and laundry done, she may need a new oversized sweatshirt from Goodwill, she may need some candles to cover the vomit smell. Or she may just simply need someone from her village to keep her from waving the white flag.
11. Ears. Let her talk about her baby without interrupting. She’ll eventually run out of things to say, even if it does take hours. Included in these ears is the ability to listen to when she’s asked for your advice. Unsolicited advice, even though it may truly be life changing, is not always great for her mental stability. 😉


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