9.29.14 + 365

One Year Old Brantley,

Mr. Man, you’re ONE! It can’t be that a whole year ago I made your dad stop at Speedway for a poptart on our way to the hospital because I had to make this one last moment about me. A few hours, several orange jellos, and one glorious epidural later we were holding you in our arms trying to decide your name. Your dad is thankful I finally realized Knox was a little much. Brantley Robert had way more meaning and fit your chubby little cheeks perfect. Who knew a tiny little human could teach two people so much? We didn’t. Of course you taught us the typical baby things such as: to be careful when changing a diaper, the fastest way to warm up a bottle with a screaming babe in our arms, how to bathe a baby in the kitchen sink and so on.

The things you taught us that I didn’t plan on learning are my favorite:
1. The exact spots in our floor that make a creaking sound.
2. Just how much it takes for me to throw myself on the ground, curl up in the fetal position and cry. If you’re wondering– It takes nearly two weeks of you being sick, trading days off between mom, dad, and your grandparents; then waking up, when I thought we were in the clear, to a fever that kept us from being able to take you to the sitter. Your dad let me throw my fit for about .2 seconds before he told me to stop being dramatic. 😊
3. Poop comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors.
4. How to walk our 80 lb. doberman while simultaneously pushing your stroller, by myself. We almost took a spill down the driveway during our first attempt but we didn’t give up. We are now dog and stroller walking masters. It’s still a better idea to wait until Dad gets home.
5. Target’s dollar bin has a new meaning. We browse that bad boy for a few minutes before finding you a new toy to keep you busy during our shopping trip. Ain’t no shame here. If it gets me 5 more minutes of looking at aisles of things I don’t need, you can have 2!
6. 12 month shots are THE WORST. Sorry, I missed the memo. I would have totally had your dad come (I told him it was no big deal) so at least one of us was a non-teary-eyed-mess leaving the doctor’s office.
7. We have to celebrate the little things! A diaper change without rolling all over? Dance party. A meal without feeding all your food to the dog? Dance party x2.
8. My love for you and your dad grows by the day. Seems impossible, right??? I don’t get it either but it happens.

Mister, I’m told this year is a big one. We can’t wait to see how much you learn and how long Paisley girl is going to lay still while you climb all over her like a jungle gym. You’re still stealing hearts, buddy. Keep it up until you’re a teenager😉. We love you big time!



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