I Get to be Momma

As a working mom it seems like the hours somehow turn into days and the days finally turn in to the weekend. This has to be done after work, that has to be picked up from the store, and for the love I can’t fit in one more appointment. The floors need vacuumed, laundry needs switched over, dinner needs made (and cleaned up!), books need read, diapers need changed, lunch needs packed. And what the crap?..The dog puked!

On any given day I find myself being a teacher, counselor, security guard, problem solver, mom, nurse, friend,  investigator, peace-maker, performer, and enthusiast. People, this is before I ever see my own child for the day. Please don’t take this as complaining because it’s not. Even on the long days in the classroom, I love playing these roles. I love being trusted to do this from 7-2 every day. I also hope that someday Brantley will have someone in his life willing to play these roles for him when I can’t.

But, this week I get to play only two roles: momma and wife. For the next nine days, I get a chance to play the stay at home mom role. The dinner on the table before 8 role. No more leaving before the baby is awake. No more working after bedtime. No more grumpy mom after a bad day. Nine whole days of snugs and loves with my boys. I c.a.n.t. wait.

Nine days to clean the house. Nine days to make dinner at home. Nine days to catch up on laundry. Nine days to go to story time. Nine days to go to Target at 10 a.m. Nine days to drink my coffee while watching Kelly and Michael. Nine days to organize during nap time. Nine days to play ball on the living room floor. Nine days to read books. Nine days to search Pinterest for all sorts of things I’ll never do. Nine days to listen to baby giggles. Nine days to watch basketball on the couch with the hubs without thinking about work. Nine days to play my favorite roles.

Let’s be real, I won’t be doing much cleaning, cooking, or laundry. I will definitely be doing plenty of Target shopping, book reading, and Kelly and Michael watching.

Ladies (and gents), being a working mom (or dad) is hard work! Even if you aren’t blessed with nine days off, enjoy the time you do get. The laundry and cleaning will always be there. Read the books, watch the movies and just love your people. They won’t always be there. ❤


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