The Craziest Thing We’ve Ever Done

If I were asked what the craziest, biggest adrenaline rush, oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-believe-I-did-that thing I’d ever done was I would come up with a blank stare. Well…I did start the wave at a Red’s game that made it’s way around the entire Great American Ballpark. I also thought it would be a good idea to hike up a trail at Red River Gorge while 6 months pregnant. Both crazy and hilarious stories, yes, but not wowza! worthy. I think I’d have to give a real simple, yet so complex answer. Parenting.

When I started my first teaching job at 23 I was giving advice to parents on tips and tricks to help their children be successful. I would always start the conversation with, “I don’t have children yet but…” Five and a half years of schooling, two degrees, and the support of some great co-workers, of course I can help a parent out when asked for some advice (and maybe sometimes when not asked 😉). Now that I have my own child it’s not always that easy.

You know the saying that says something about wearing your heart on your sleeve? Everyday we are wearing our hearts on our sleeve. Literally. I can tell you the moments it falls off and the moments it’s picked back up. Brantley takes a rough spill, I’m a sobbing mess, he’s totally fine, heart gone. Brantley puts his little hands on my face, leans his head into mine and giggles, picked back up again.

I overheard Sam tell someone they don’t teach you this kind of stuff in baby class. That can’t be more true. They spend waaayyy too much time on how to breathe during labor and zero time on the emotional rollercoaster you’re going to be on for, ohhh…the rest of time. I mean, just 30 minutes to scare the crap out of us while giving a motivational pep talk would do the trick.

I see people I’m friends with, co-workers, friends of friends, random strangers at the mall and think,

“Dang, they really have their stuff together. Their child’s pacifier is on a string so it doesn’t fall on the ground a million times. Their child’s socks match their outfit. How the crap did they get their child’s hair to look so presentable?”

I have these moments where I wonder when I’m going to have it all together then I remember I didn’t really have it all together before  Brantley but we sure did enjoy life. He’s obsessed with hugging his cousins, he eats his fruits and veggies (ugh, sometimes 😊), he laughs when I tell him he’s not allowed to stand in his chair, he gives the dog a bone..or 4..when we leave the house, he shoots a ball into his basketball hoop, and he’s finally coming back around on the cuddling thing. These moments remind me we have to be doing something right. I have to remind myself to take a breather and just enjoy the moment, the now.

This parenting gig is the craziest, biggest adrenaline rush, oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-believe-I-did-that thing we’ve ever done but there’s no way we would turn back time. This kid has us wrapped around his little fingers and we wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤



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