Kisses During Playtime

As another Spring Break comes to a close I am finding myself sitting on the couch sulking at the thought of having to wear real pants again tomorrow. In between the puzzles, the  family, the mass laundry, the aquarium trip, and the snuggles watching Mickey of this last week I had many moments of Is this real life? Is this ornery, rotten, little ham really ours?  In the middle of my pouting Brantley stopped throwing his basketballs up the stairs, ran over and gave me a kiss. How did his one year old self know I needed a reality check? So, instead of sitting here  mulling over my incomplete Spring Break To-Do List, I am going to soak up one more day of yoga pants, baby loves, and remember what does make me one lucky lady…

…parents that think our son is as cute as we do.

…a husband that knows when to talk down my crazy or join in the fun.

…friends that have lasted through the years.

…family who listens to my latest and greatest business ideas.

…a living room floor piled with books, balls, blocks, and stuffed animals.

…piles of clean AND folded laundry waiting to be put away (I know, this is impressive!).

…coffee and muffins I didn’t have to make this morning.

…a dog that always has a slobber filled kiss for her little human.

…a job that doesn’t feel like a chore to get up and go to with students who keep me on my toes.

…a babysitter who loves Brantley like her own which makes it easier to leave him to do a job I love.

… kisses smack-dab in the middle of playtime.

…and a week off with my toddler to witness moments like these.


As always, the laundry can wait, the dishes can be done later, and you just let that dust keep piling up. If you’re going back to work tomorrow after Spring Break or just going back because it’s Monday, I hope you greet this week with attitude and spark. ❤


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