Hold Me Mom-Mom

As my summer comes to a close I started to feel a little guilty that I haven’t been into school to get things together but two times. The first time I took little man with me and my friend took her daughter, so naturally not much got done. The second day I was there most of the day and left feeling accomplished. But still..only two days?! Last night I thought I would run in today to drop a couple things off and pick a couple things up. 

Then it happened. Brantley woke up this morning saying, “Mom!”, “Mommy!”, “Mom-Mom!”. We do the usual- go downstairs, get his milk, he helps me make the coffee and we get comfy for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (he gets about 15 minutes before I can’t take it and we watch the Today show 😉). Here it comes, you ready? I wasn’t.–> He looked at me, arms up and said, “Hold me Mom-Mom.” Heart melted. My new favorite words. Well, maybe next to him saying “Love you” when I tip-toe out of his room at night. I’m sure there will be a day where the words hold me might be what makes me lose it. Not today.

Today I will wipe away all the guilt of everything I didn’t get done. I didn’t organize the spare bedroom like I wanted. I didn’t clean out the basement or the garage. I didn’t take the dog on a walk every morning like I planned. I sure as heck didn’t get any better at keeping up with the laundry or making dinner. Lots of days the house was a mess when Sam got home. And unlike other years, I only spent two days in my classroom before all the crazy begins on Monday.

What we did do? We went to the zoo with my cousin and her kids. We met up with friends we haven’t seen in months. I had lunch with my college roommates for the first time since we graduated. We spent lots of great (and some not so great) time with my mom. We ate ice cream, a lot. We went on a much needed vacation. We had date nights. We made forts in the living room. We spent time with family on both sides. We went to story time, the park, gymnastics open gym. We made lots of memories and started new traditions.

So today, I will be here with my little man as long as he wants me to hold him. I mean, really here.

We will do what ever we  want on our last-ish day of summer instead of trying to finish my list of things I thought were important. We will throw the football 5,000 times, eat lunch with dad, and play until we can’t play anymore. 

Here’s your reminder that these moments don’t last. Whatever moment you’re in now do it right, do it big, and don’t feel bad for what you didn’t do. Then when it comes time to move on (go back to work for me) you’re ready because you were really there for all the moments that mattered. When you do this, it’s easy to find the good in everyday. 💜


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