How’s Life With Two Kids?

In the past month we have been asked numerous times, "What's life like with two kids?" Well, for starters…When we were leaving the hospital Brantley didn't want me to ride in the car. He and Sam started a wolf pack before Brooks was born. I was never invited to be in the wolf pack but it was pretty evident brother Brooks would definitely be in when he arrived. You guys, this wolf pack is a serious thing. They practice their howling every night before bed & Brantley even wakes up some mornings howling, they have secrets, and there are no girls allowed. When we were leaving the hospital after Brooks was born Brantley realized his wolf pack was now complete and thus didn't want mom in the car. He cried the whole way home and tried to convince me to get out. Super. Welcome to life with two kids.

So here it is folks…

Two kids is feeding one in one arm and wiping the other's #2 with the other.

Two kids is getting up way earlier than you want just so you can get a quiet shower that lasts more than 2 minutes and crossing your fingers no one wakes up while you're in there.

Two kids is one parent calming one kid while the other is negotiating dessert with the second.

Two kids is working on those arm muscles carrying a toddler and a baby seat.

Two kids is a celebratory dance when both kids are asleep at the same time.

Two kids is sleeping in separate houses (per doctor's orders) when one kid has a fever and the other is only five weeks old.

Two kids is calling in that village- grandparents, best friends, neighbors, cousins- when you just can't do it alone.

Two kids is literally never being on time no matter how hard you try.

Two kids is not being invited into the wolf pack even though you definitely know the howl.

Two kids is being down by 1 in the NBA finals with 3 seconds left, ball's in your possession, and suddenly the referee throws in a second ball to your teammate. You don't have a dang clue what to do in those three seconds but you somehow figure it out and bring home that championship.

Two kids is exhausting. [Some days] Two kids is no walk in the park. Two kids is high-fiving your husband in the kitchen over small victories. Two kids is some pretty intense team work. Two kids is a full lap for morning cartoons. Two kids is endless hugs and kisses and laughs. Two kids is a heart that didn't know this much love could exist.

Two kids is better than I could have ever imagined it could be. Two kids is where I belong. ❤️


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