Dear Baby H #2

It’s almost time for our family to grow by another little boy. Outside of these last few weeks, time has -of course- flown by as this babe has grown inside me. When I was pregnant with Brantley I had so many emotions- excitement for new adventures and fear we would do it all wrong seem to be what stands out in my memory. This pregnancy is no different. So, here are a few things I hope for Baby #2:

Dear Baby H #2,

There are so many things in this big world I want you to know but for now I’ll start with a just a few. 

The second you are born I hope you know how much you are loved. Your dad, brother, and I have been waiting (me not so patiently) to meet you. Your brother has been trying to feed you ice cream, makes sure you get a drink when he thinks you’re thirsty and is planning out the toys for you two to play with. I’ve made your dad crazy with my never ending to-do lists and new ideas to make sure everything is perfect for your arrival.

I hope you and your brother have days filled with so many adventures it will be hard to remember them all when you’re older. I hope you boys spend your days digging in the dirt and tracking mud in the house (you may need to remind me I said this when I get upset that the house is a full of dirt). I hope your imagination takes you places you’ll never be able to fully explain to your dad and I, but I sure hope you try. I hope your brother teaches you the ropes of your world and you love being Brantley’s Little Brother as much as I have loved being Cook’s Little Sister.

I hope you know being the youngest is pretty fabulous. I’m told things with the second child are a little different than the first. Different is good. Your dad and I are proof being the youngest isn’t so bad. 😊Maybe you won’t have as many Baby’s First Christmas ornaments, definitely not as many new, stain-free clothes, or as many of your own toys but you will be showered with just as much love. I’ve also been told seeing my kids together will fill me with more joy than I ever thought possible.

When you’re a teenager I hope you remember your parents aren’t all that bad. I hope your dad and I have given you many years of excitement, love, and trust that those years will be painless. I know, I know..but a mom can hope, right?! 🙂 When it’s time for you to leave our house, I hope you start your adventures with so much confidence because we have done everything we know to prepare you for what life brings. 

I hope you know that even though your life will be filled with so much joy, there are going to be some struggles. Things that make you think you can’t go on. But, listen up, kid! You’re going to be tough and you will make it. You’ll take it day by day, you’ll find the good, you’ll lean on your people, and you’ll come out on top. Promise. 

I hope you know just how much I love being your mom. After almost four years of being married to your dad, some days I still find it crazy when my students call me Mrs. Haddix – As much as I love that name, I love being mom even more. 

On top of all of this- I hope you always know just how special you are. You have quite the village of people surrounding you to help you through life. I love you more than you’ll ever know, buddy. ❤️



9.29.14 + 365

One Year Old Brantley,

Mr. Man, you’re ONE! It can’t be that a whole year ago I made your dad stop at Speedway for a poptart on our way to the hospital because I had to make this one last moment about me. A few hours, several orange jellos, and one glorious epidural later we were holding you in our arms trying to decide your name. Your dad is thankful I finally realized Knox was a little much. Brantley Robert had way more meaning and fit your chubby little cheeks perfect. Who knew a tiny little human could teach two people so much? We didn’t. Of course you taught us the typical baby things such as: to be careful when changing a diaper, the fastest way to warm up a bottle with a screaming babe in our arms, how to bathe a baby in the kitchen sink and so on.

The things you taught us that I didn’t plan on learning are my favorite:
1. The exact spots in our floor that make a creaking sound.
2. Just how much it takes for me to throw myself on the ground, curl up in the fetal position and cry. If you’re wondering– It takes nearly two weeks of you being sick, trading days off between mom, dad, and your grandparents; then waking up, when I thought we were in the clear, to a fever that kept us from being able to take you to the sitter. Your dad let me throw my fit for about .2 seconds before he told me to stop being dramatic. 😊
3. Poop comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors.
4. How to walk our 80 lb. doberman while simultaneously pushing your stroller, by myself. We almost took a spill down the driveway during our first attempt but we didn’t give up. We are now dog and stroller walking masters. It’s still a better idea to wait until Dad gets home.
5. Target’s dollar bin has a new meaning. We browse that bad boy for a few minutes before finding you a new toy to keep you busy during our shopping trip. Ain’t no shame here. If it gets me 5 more minutes of looking at aisles of things I don’t need, you can have 2!
6. 12 month shots are THE WORST. Sorry, I missed the memo. I would have totally had your dad come (I told him it was no big deal) so at least one of us was a non-teary-eyed-mess leaving the doctor’s office.
7. We have to celebrate the little things! A diaper change without rolling all over? Dance party. A meal without feeding all your food to the dog? Dance party x2.
8. My love for you and your dad grows by the day. Seems impossible, right??? I don’t get it either but it happens.

Mister, I’m told this year is a big one. We can’t wait to see how much you learn and how long Paisley girl is going to lay still while you climb all over her like a jungle gym. You’re still stealing hearts, buddy. Keep it up until you’re a teenager😉. We love you big time!


11 Free/Almost Free Things You Can Get a New Mom

1. The largest water cup ever. Preferably one with a straw. A cup that doesn’t sweat and leave a mess all over is even better. The amount of water she’s going to drink is unreal. The bigger the cup, the more trips to the refrigerator to fill the cup you save her husband while she’s in the middle of a feeding session. He will thank you for this too.
2. A loving, you can do this, stop throwing yourself a pity party pep talk. Only give this when asked. If you take it upon yourself to give this pep talk without permission, mentally prepare yourself for the wrath of the devil. It’s not our fault we can turn all crazy lady in .2 seconds, hormones are intense little demons.
3. Silence. If you’re visiting the new mom and you notice she’s been pacing, bouncing, rocking, singing, butt-tapping, shut your mouth. Yes, in theory, baby should be able to sleep anywhere, at any time, in any noise level. Theory is easier than reality. A 5 minute break from your obnoxious story about God knows what is all that’s needed. She would love to hear your story in 5.
4. Punctuality. Text at 6:45- “Hey! How are ya? Want some company?” Yes! Company is just what she needs to feel a little more human. Text at 9:00- “On our way!” Seriously?! The baby is about asleep and mom’s not far behind. Sure, head over. She’ll stick toothpicks in her eyes to keep her eyelids open. Her husband will appreciate the break from talking solely to a whacked out wife.
5. A bottle of wine. Nothing fancy is needed. Remember she just gave birth. There isn’t an ounce in her body that feels fancy. She’s not even sure she wants a glass of wine but she sure will be mad when she’s ready for that glass and there’s no wine in sight.
6. A 15 minute, uninterrupted, no baby monitor on the counter, shower. Not only is it possible that she hasn’t showered in an embarrassing amount of days but she also may need to shed a few tears. The shower is the best, non-judgement-zone place to do so.
7. An iTunes giftcard. It’s inevitable that she will hear the most perfect song at 3 a.m. on Pandora’s baby lullaby radio. She will need to buy the song off iTunes right then. She won’t have a clue she even heard the most perfect song when she wakes up sleep deprived in the morning.
8. An Amazon giftcard. Similar to the iTunes giftcard. Facebook will be so boring during that 3 a.m. feeding frenzy that she will resort to online shopping to pass the time. Amazon has everything.
9. Dinner. Once again, she’s not looking for a marinated New York strip paired with asparagus and a roasted potatoes. Spaghetti, lasagna, frozen meals to throw in the oven. Really anything that involves as little thought on her part as possible is a win.
10. Persistance. She says she doesn’t need anything right now but she will. Check again in a few days. She may just need the ok for a celebratory 1 in the afternoon drink, she may need that pep talk mentioned above, she may need some coffee, she may need dishes and laundry done, she may need a new oversized sweatshirt from Goodwill, she may need some candles to cover the vomit smell. Or she may just simply need someone from her village to keep her from waving the white flag.
11. Ears. Let her talk about her baby without interrupting. She’ll eventually run out of things to say, even if it does take hours. Included in these ears is the ability to listen to when she’s asked for your advice. Unsolicited advice, even though it may truly be life changing, is not always great for her mental stability. 😉

The 3 a.m. Struggle

Baby is sleeping through the night?? Win! But mom’s not…

3:21 a.m.: Woken in a panic. Check phone, 3:21. Have I been up yet? Nope. Crap. Did I not hear him? Wait, he’s not awake. He should have been up once by now. Check monitor for breathing. Don’t blink, you’ll miss it. Dang, I blinked. Ok, seriously don’t blink. It’s already hard enough to see if his stomach’s moving in the monitor. Blinked. Fine, I’ll just go in there. No! Are you crazy? Why would you chance waking him? He’s fine. You’re being a freak.
3:23 a.m.: Hmm, only two minutes. Awesome! I still have two hours before I need to get up.
3:29 a.m.: Seriously?! Feel like it’s been an hour. Can’t.sleep. Might as well get up and be productive. I’ve got time to shower, work out (ha!), do laundry and all sorts of things before I really need to be up. Then maybe I could get to work early and get things done. Crap! I forgot to switch the laundry over last night. Guess I’ll be re-washing for a third time. That’s ridiculous. Pinterest. Pinterest has all the solutions.
4:15 a.m.: Andrea! Put your phone down. 45 minutes? Get a grip. You need to sleep or you’re going to hate life in the morning. Morning? It’s already morning. Ok, really, fall asleep….One sheep over the fence, two sheep, three…does anyone else literally count sheep to sleep?! Grow up. Turn on the tv, the news will definitely put you to sleep. Will the tv wake Sam? Nah, he’s out. PAISLEY! Do you have to put your foot there? For the love of all things holy! Ok, news.
6:03 a.m.: How did I sleep through alllllll of my alarms???? Just another day waking up late. Tomorrow, tomorrow will be better. Coffee.

The Secret Club of the Teacher Mom

Motherhood is like a club everyone knows about but only few have access to. Entry into the club is raising a little human, the secret handshake is the dark circles under our eyes and the tired look on our faces. There’s so much focus on who is doing what right; breast milk versus formula, disposable diapers versus cloth, all natural everything or not, making your baby’s food by hand or buying it in the store; that maybe people forget about the not-so- secret club we all belong to. The club lets us know we aren’t alone in this crazy adventure. I love being a part of the club but it wasn’t until I went back to work that I realized I belong to another club that even fewer have access to.

The Secret Club of the Teacher Mom. I wrote a post about being the pregnant teacher but being the teacher mom is better. Maybe it’s because I’m part of “The Best Damn Staff In The Land” (not bragging, just stating facts). Maybe it’s because I work with mostly women. Maybe it’s because I’m a new mom. Or maybe it’s because being a teacher and a mom are two of the coolest things I get to do with my life. Whatever it is, I feel lucky to be a member of the club.

Before I had Brantley I told one of my coworkers I thought maybe I was having contractions. She responded with “Oh no, you’ll know when you’re having contractions.” I didn’t like the response but she was so right. This should have been my first clue about the club. These people in my club, they get it.

If I don’t get mascara on until 3:00 in the afternoon and the only reason I did was because we had parent teacher conferences, no one cares.
If I show up to work with my hair up in a bun, looking like I ran a marathon, no one cares. Little do they know the closest thing I’ve had to a work out in 5 months is walking from my bed to Brantley’s room 4 times a night (hence the marathon look).
If I show pictures of my little man every day, no ones (openly) cares. 🙂
If I don’t get done what I promised to get done, no one’s mad. They tell me my new life is always more important. I’ll get the job done by the deadline, they get it.
I tell them the babe is sick, they give me little tips and tricks to help him feel better and ease my mind.
I have a mini-meltdown or am overly dramatic about life, they let me do my thing.
I pass coworkers in the hall, they always ask about the babe.
When I’m ready to wave the white flag and throw in the towel, they remind me why I shouldn’t.

These people in my clubs..they are great. I’m one of the lucky few. Power to the Moms and Teacher Moms everywhere. ❤️

Adventures with Baby H- Single Mom Raising Two Boys

With two months of this parenting thing under our belt, Sam and I really feel like we are starting to get the hang of things. There is one thing, though, that continues to surprise me and that’s the truth behind this statement… “Your husband will always be your oldest and biggest child that needs the most adult supervision.”

One night after lots of swaying, bouncing and butt patting from both Sam and I, we finally got Brantley to sleep. I crawled in bed, rolled over to say goodnight and soon found myself hushing my husband. I’m not quite sure how he forgot we had just finally gotten the babe to sleep. I don’t even remember what he was saying but I do remember he was SHOUTING. He claims he wasn’t. After taking the shushing like a man he simply looked at me and asked, “How’s it feel to be a single mom raising two boys?” It was then that I decided I had never found one of his clever, witty come-backs to be more true.

Here’s just a few examples that prove my husband may happen to be the second boy I’m raising. Or maybe he’s the first and Brantley’s the second? 😉

Sam’s been working on Brantley’s basketball follow through since the day he came home from the hospital. When Brantley was maybe three weeks old Sam text and asked if he was ready to hit the courts and work on his left handed lay ups. “Nothing makes me more mad than seeing kids shooting a left handed lay up with their right hand.”

He’s looked for quad-runners to buy for Brantley. I have to remind him our son won’t be riding one of these for several years. He swears he got his first one at like two years old. I also have to remind him we live in a neighborhood, not on acres of land. Can we just see our kid roaming the neighborhood…on his four wheeler?

He’s been searching for baby wolf pack t-shirts (remember the wolf pack from The Hangover??). Our best friends are having a boy that will be 5 months younger than Brantley. Sam and Nick have matching wolf pack t-shirts. Apparently the baby boys need a wolf pack tee also.

One night while out at dinner Sam took the little skewer out of his sandwich, little pieces of napkin and his straw. Not only did he construct himself a little spitball spear, he wanted me to hold up a napkin, like I was trying to anger a bull, to see if his genius idea worked. It did and man was he proud of himself!

The boys were getting in some quality daddy-baby time one night while I cleaned up the house, did this and that since I have a hard time getting anything accomplished during the day other than watching as many tv episodes on Netflix as I can. I walked by Sam as he was singing the normal Conway Twitty to the babe and he asked me to join him in a duet. Really? A duet? No, you are nuts, I have too much to do. My mind automatically went to 3 years in the future when Brantley would be asking me to stop everything I’m doing and play with him. So, of course, we started on a duet. The only song we decided we both knew well enough to sing was the National Anthem. Turns out we need a little more practice with the words but we belted that song out like we were fighting for the championship on American Idol. If anyone would have tried to knock on our door to sell us something they would have thought we were whacked-out and turned right around.

Another night, as I was feeding Brantley before bedtime Sam waltzed in the nursery and held the monitor up (the part you watch the video on) to the camera part. They made that noise a microphone makes when it’s too close to a speaker. Sam’s face lit up. He must have noticed my dumbfounded look because he quickly responded with, “What? I wanted to see if they would make that noise.”, and walked out.

We went to Bravo for dinner for my grandma’s 83rd birthday. Bravo is a little more classy than our typical Skyline or Chumps. When Sam realized you can draw on the table this is what he drew. “A surprise for the waiter” he claimed. No further words are needed.


Boys will always be boys, I suppose.


Adventures with Baby H- Dear One Month Old Brantley

Dear One Month Old Brantley,

What???!!!! It’s already been a whole month since I woke your dad in the middle of the night letting him know that I thought I was having contractions and that you may possibly be on your way..two weeks early, the day after his birthday. You wouldn’t believe all the changes you brought when you entered our world at 4:55 on September 29th. *Side-note: We told everyone you were born at 5:05 for the first 36 hours of your life. Turns out we were wrong. 5:05 is when we happened to look at the clock, we didn’t know 10 minutes had already passed. I guess that should have been the first indication of how fast time was going to fly by with you here. Thank God for grandparents (they’ve saved the day more than once)…your Papa read the little card in your bassinet in the hospital and kindly informed us we were a few minutes off on your birth time. Sorry! 🙂

Before you were born we were told an obnoxious amount of times that everything was going to change once you were here or that we weren’t going to be able to do everything we were used to doing. In several ways these people were right. Every little part of our life is different. What these people forgot to mention is that it would be a good different. A fun, learning type of different. Sure, we don’t spend our Friday nights racking up a huge bill at Chumps anymore. We would rather spend our Friday nights snuggling you and enjoying our new family. I’m sure the time will come where we want to get out and you’ll get some quality time with your grandparents. Until then we are enjoying all the changes and things we are learning with having a little human around.

Our driving has gotten a little more safe with you in the car. On the way home from the hospital I swear your dad sat through an entire yellow light with several cars behind us. Nope, not chancing a psycho driver coming out of nowhere and running the light. Not us. We waited. And laughed. The first time I drove with you in the car I think I drove with my hands at 10 and 2 (you’ll understand this when you get your license) and didn’t go any faster than 5 below the speed limit. I also had a line of cars behind me. I couldn’t tell you the last time I drove 10 and 2 and even drove the speed limit, let alone 5 below. This week we got a new soccer mom car so we could all fit comfortably. Before, if your dad was driving I had to sit in the back seat with you and vice-versa. Your car seat only fit in the back seat if the passenger seat was pushed all the way up to the dashboard. Can you imagine the looks we got when we went through the drive-thru to get dinner?

Your first trip to the grocery was quite interesting. Looking back it’s hilarious but at the time we honestly did not know what to do with your car seat. Did we get two carts? Put you and your bag in one then all our groceries in the other. We decided against that because who walks around the grocery with two carts?! Not us. One cart it was. The trip ended with you covered in food. Again, imagine the looks we got from fellow Kroger shoppers. I got nervous you were going to start crying and we couldn’t get you out so we left without getting everything we needed. Next time we will click you in the proper way.


Your dad used to lose his patience with me whenever we were getting ready to leave the house to go anywhere. You’ve helped change this. Once you fall asleep we know we have 2 hours to get anything done before you wake up and want to eat. I now have no time to dilly-dally around which makes your dad super happy. He thanks you. Dad gets you in your seat and we are out the door in less than 5 minutes. No time to waste when we only have 2 hours to get our errands done.

Along the lines of time- you have really great timing when it comes to us eating dinner. I think I have just enough time to eat before you wake and need to eat but it never fails that you have different plans. I have never enjoyed cold or luke warm food as much as I do now. Cold pizza is always better, right?

You’ve changed so much in the last month, too. Looking at the pictures we took while in the hospital we can already see differences. Your little cheekers are getting chunkier. You have a tight grip when you hold onto our fingers and you enjoy grabbing onto mom’s hair. You really, really enjoy listening to Conway Twitty’s song That’s My Job. You especially love it when your dad sings to you. I think this is because he would shout this song at the top of his lungs while I was pregnant. You and your dad have a jam session at least once a day. Your cousin Ellie really enjoys her new baby “Antley”. You now follow our voices when we talk to you. It’s super exciting to see you look up at us! You’ve even flashed us a smile or two. You finally got out of the house last week and enjoyed some sunshine. Sorry your mom was a little crazy there for a while and didn’t want to leave. It’s better now! 🙂 You and I are getting plenty of snuggle time with your puppy. I’m sure one day you won’t want to sit on my lap and watch Gilmore Girls with me or let me rock you to sleep so I’m soaking up as much of it as I can now. You do a great job of holding off half of your poop until mom or dad have finished changing your diaper. You aren’t afraid to let the other half go the second we are done. Speaking of, your dad is getting better at making it through a nasty diaper without a clothespin on his nose! It’s a big day when that happens.

Ellie and Brantley

Ellie and Brantley

You have already stole the hearts of many, many people my little man. Your dad and I hope we are doing a good job, we sure do love having you here.

Adventures with Baby H- New Celebrations

It’s been a week since Baby H officially made us a family of three (four if you count our four legged baby). Brantley Robert made his appearance Monday evening after waking mom up with contractions at 3 in the morning. Everything went smoothly and we spent a couple nights in the hospital before being released to come home. Although Sam and I were both more than ready to leave the hospital, it was a weird feeling. What were we going to do when we had questions? We weren’t going to be able to call the nurse or hit a button and get an answer right away. Turns out we are able to do it on our own. It’s helpful and comforting knowing we have so much support from our family and friends juuuust in-case we (I) have a melt down and think I don’t know what to do.

Leaving the hospital.

Leaving the hospital.

Speaking of melt downs…Sam went back to work today after having last week off together. All weekend I had been dreading 7:45 this morning when Sam would have to leave. When I say dreading I mean tears at random, inconvenient times. Remember last post when I said Sam wasn’t worried about bringing baby home but I was a little nervous? I figured out why Sam wasn’t worried. He’s like some sort of freakishly calm natural when it comes to baby man. I knew he’d be great but I didn’t know how great. What was I going to do all day by myself? This brings me to the tears. So, today, while I am home without Sam and baby is sleeping, I thought it appropriate to share a list of new celebrations. As in, things we didn’t find all that appealing or exciting before Brantley.

1. The epidural. For those of you out there who decide to go the natural child birth route..props. You deserve to walk around wearing a pin, screaming your accomplishments every day of your life. I was afraid of the actual process of getting the epidural but getting the epidural was nothing compared to the contractions. That bad boy set in and we were smooth sailing!

2. Making it through a diaper change without pee flying everywhere. No joke, I caught pee with my bare hand the other day. Better than having to wash the curtains. I’m definitely a little more careful when changing him now.

3. Making it through a diaper change without needing a clothes pin for your nose or gagging. (More so Sam:) )

The clothespin. A little blurry but I couldn't stop laughing.

The clothespin. A little blurry but I couldn’t stop laughing.

4. Sleeping more than 3 hours at a time. So far, this has been fabulous. No terrible, horror stories..yet but I’ve probably just jinxed myself.

5. Swaddles. Lots and lots of swaddles. A nurse grade swaddle is even more exciting. In the hospital we watched one of our favorite nurses wrap Brantley up like a little burrito in .2 seconds. Our jaws must have dropped. She assured us we would get better with practice. When we get a nice, tight swaddle that keeps him from squirming and waking himself up, we may hold him up like Rafiki does to Simba in Lion King. Gotta show that swaddle job off!

6. Getting out of the house to run to Walgreens for all sorts of randoms- pictures, thank you cards, dog bones, milk- and taking the long way home just to get a little extra jam session in in the car.

7. Wipes. For the love of the wipes. These things are like the Mr. Clean magic eraser of the baby world. Dried milk on his face? Toss me a wipe. Spilled coffee on the coffee table? Where are the wipes? Greasy fingers? Wipe please.

8. Gentle, drive-by Paisley kisses for Brantley. Paisley is adjusting well to life with a little human around. It makes my heart happy to take an over abundance of pictures like the following of baby man and Pais.

Puppy snugs.

Puppy snugs.

Being home with Brantley, watching Sam and our families with him is a whole new kind of love everyone always talks about but is hard to understand until you experience it yourself. The only comparison I can think of would be that it’s like filling up a cup (You might have to think outside the box with this analogy). You try so hard to just fill the cup right up to the rim without having water pour over. You could stand there all day and try to make your glass perfectly full. I could sit around all day and love on little man. Our hearts just feel so full  that if we possibly add any more love and snugs our heart is going to overflow…and the overflowing leads to the tears. But I guess overflowing and tears can’t be all that bad. 🙂


Until our next adventure,


Adventures with Baby H- Party of Two Expiring Soon

These past couple weeks Sam and I have spent “dating” again. We went to dinner and a movie (totally random weeknight date), went to dinner just him and I another time, took a few long drives with the dog just talking and listening to music a couple times, indulged in lots of ice cream and laughs several times and simply enjoyed being together just the two of us. I have officially hit the crazy-lady-pregnancy-stage so big props to him for dealing with me one on one so much.

I’ve been told several times that we need to do this and do that before baby man gets here. “We won’t be able to do it all once the baby makes his appearance”. Maybe this is the crazy-lady-pregnancy-stage but all this gets my mind turning even faster than it already does. Am I going to be a good mom? All this “do everything while you can” talk makes me nervous/anxious/overwhelmed/excited/and maybe a little selfish. It’s only been Sam and I for the last 9 years. In a few short weeks we will have a tiny human that we created craving our attention. What!!!! Ok, stop, it can’t be that bad or people wouldn’t have multiple kids. Am I really so selfish to be nervous about adding a human to our mix of crazy? Is this normal? Gah, we are going to parents be in five-ish weeks! And finally, I can’t be alone in having these thoughts. Oh wait, one more. With a little help, we have kept the flowers we planted alive alllllll summer. That has to be a good sign!

Last night I mentioned all this to Sam and to my surprise this has never crossed his mind. He simply can’t wait to bring little dude home, snuggle him and add his crazy to the mix. Just what this hormonal prego needed to hear. I’m hoping his normal mixed with my never-ending, sometimes over the top thoughts will balance each other out. *Side note: he did recently read about “bringing a newborn home”. I do believe he was surprised at a few things, especially the amount of diaper changes. I like to think I know what to expect. All those years of babysitting had to help with something. I predict it will go a little like this: sleeping, snuggling, eating, diaper changing, eating, pooping, crying, peeing, sleeping, eating, diaper changing crying, pooping, pooping, snuggling and pooping. It didn’t ever really cross my mind that he didn’t have a clue how things would work those first few days/weeks. Bless his heart for looking it up. 🙂

Finishing up this post, I had to take a potty break (these happen more often than not now). As I walked by baby man’s room I had a calming feeling come over me. His room is ready, we already have boxes upon boxes of diapers, his car seat is waiting for the go-ahead in the basement, our “village” is ready to meet and love him. Everything we could possibly need and more is prepared. I can read as much as I want about bringing baby home but I know nothing can prepare me for the super awesome adventure we are about to embark on. So, I’ll kick up my feet, pour a glass of sparkling grape juice, and enjoy the last weeks of Sam and I. Nine years is a long time to be a party of two. Bring on the party of three; crazy brain and all…I can’t wait.

P.s. Several people have asked about his nursery. We didn’t do anything super over the top but here’s a couple pictures. The little animals in the frames are decorations from my shower and the frames are handmade out of barn wood by Sam’s grandpa.







Adventures with Baby H- Stay at Home Dog Mom

I’ve spent most of my summer lounging around the house, snuggling my pup, crafting, and simply enjoying doing whatever I want, whenever I want. Several times I’ve been told to enjoy myself because once baby man comes I won’t have this time anymore. I think I may be taking it to the extreme.

There is a dog park about 15 minutes from our house- it’s the best way to wear out our doberman. Paisley and I have made several trips to the park so she can enjoy some time running with other pups. Last summer I was “invited” to join the group that meets there at 9 every morning. The dogs play and their owners sit and chat. I wasn’t quite ready for that commitment and honestly, didn’t quite know how to answer the invitation. For a second I felt Paisley and I had been accepted. I quickly snapped out of that, nodded, smiled and thanked them for the nice gesture.

As I was sitting and observing the different life at the dog park this past week I realized I was going to be doing the same type of thing with a human next summer (not at the dog park but an actual park or play group). Crazy! While observing the dog parents and remembering my invitation from last summer, I realized that dog parents at the dog park aren’t much different than human parents at the human park.

The Know It All: This owner could tell you the time of day a dog arrives at the park, the dog’s breed, if the dog is friendly or well behaved and knows every dog’s name. If he doesn’t know the dog’s name, he is definitely not afraid to ask. Very nice gesture. It starts to get a little weird when he bends down to the dogs level and starts talking in dog voice. After this greeting,  he then finds it acceptable to refer to your dog as if it’s his.

The Phone User: Usually this dog parent is so attached to their phone that they completely miss their dog being a total punk. I mean I know they are just dogs but we aren’t running a dog fighting ring, control your crazy pooch. Also, taking mass amounts of pictures of your dog with all the other dogs is a little much. I don’t want to happen to run across a picture of my pooch on social media.

The Over-Active Dog: This poor owner spends their entire time at the dog park apologizing for their super cute pup who enjoys saying hi…five times…to everyone who enters the park. This pup is usually pretty vocal and goes non-stop the entire time he there.
*Side note- This is probably going to be my human. Over-active, chatty, running around like a fool all.the.time. I’m hoping if I start mentally preparing myself for this now, it will be easier to deal with when the time comes.

The Bully Dog: “Oh, how cute, he’s playing with the dog 5x smaller than him.” “He loves to wrestle.” “He just gets soo excited to be here.” Um, no. How about we accept that your dog is about to start up that dog fighting ring we were talking about earlier? Not cute. Your dog is a brute. No one likes brutes.

The Rookie: No words need to be spoken from this poor person’s mouth. We don’t need to hear “this is our first time” to be able to tell that yes, it sure is. The overwhelmed look and short stay totally give you away. The bag of treats in your pocket doesn’t help either. We don’t have to even see this bag. It’s quite obvious what’s hiding in your jacket pocket when you are surrounded by ten dogs who are just staring at you, drooling. Bless your soul, we’ve all been the rookie.

The Continual Trainer: There is usually a large remote in the owner’s hand and they make loud obnoxious noises while they think their dog is listening to them. In all reality, the dog is chasing birds and comes back once they realize they have no chance of actually catching said bird. Of course, the dog gets praised for coming back. Everyone else can see what this dog parent didn’t see. This dog may listen well eventually, but he is going to do what he wants until then.
*My human will probably do this one, too.

Ok, last one.

The Poop Denier– This dog parent will clearly see their dog start the pre-poop shuffle (circling backwards) and decide to turn the other way or strike up a conversation in order to ignore that their dog is dropping a steamer. Therefore, not having to pick up the mess their dog left behind for others.

I’m sure all you mommas of humans can relate at least one of these to an experience you’ve had taking your child to the park for a play date. I can’t wait to join the club next summer.

Props to the husband for adding some of the dog park parent types out there that my pregnant brain couldn’t think of. 🙂 Here’s a picture of my loner dog enjoying her time at the park.20140723-091724.jpg


Next update: Sam and I’s experience in baby classes. We are definitely not good at quiet, serious events. Laughter ensues which turns into quietly snorting, trying to hold back some gas from the Taco Bell you thought was a good idea to eat before class.