Dear Baby H #2

It’s almost time for our family to grow by another little boy. Outside of these last few weeks, time has -of course- flown by as this babe has grown inside me. When I was pregnant with Brantley I had so many emotions- excitement for new adventures and fear we would do it all wrong seem to be what stands out in my memory. This pregnancy is no different. So, here are a few things I hope for Baby #2:

Dear Baby H #2,

There are so many things in this big world I want you to know but for now I’ll start with a just a few. 

The second you are born I hope you know how much you are loved. Your dad, brother, and I have been waiting (me not so patiently) to meet you. Your brother has been trying to feed you ice cream, makes sure you get a drink when he thinks you’re thirsty and is planning out the toys for you two to play with. I’ve made your dad crazy with my never ending to-do lists and new ideas to make sure everything is perfect for your arrival.

I hope you and your brother have days filled with so many adventures it will be hard to remember them all when you’re older. I hope you boys spend your days digging in the dirt and tracking mud in the house (you may need to remind me I said this when I get upset that the house is a full of dirt). I hope your imagination takes you places you’ll never be able to fully explain to your dad and I, but I sure hope you try. I hope your brother teaches you the ropes of your world and you love being Brantley’s Little Brother as much as I have loved being Cook’s Little Sister.

I hope you know being the youngest is pretty fabulous. I’m told things with the second child are a little different than the first. Different is good. Your dad and I are proof being the youngest isn’t so bad. 😊Maybe you won’t have as many Baby’s First Christmas ornaments, definitely not as many new, stain-free clothes, or as many of your own toys but you will be showered with just as much love. I’ve also been told seeing my kids together will fill me with more joy than I ever thought possible.

When you’re a teenager I hope you remember your parents aren’t all that bad. I hope your dad and I have given you many years of excitement, love, and trust that those years will be painless. I know, I know..but a mom can hope, right?! 🙂 When it’s time for you to leave our house, I hope you start your adventures with so much confidence because we have done everything we know to prepare you for what life brings. 

I hope you know that even though your life will be filled with so much joy, there are going to be some struggles. Things that make you think you can’t go on. But, listen up, kid! You’re going to be tough and you will make it. You’ll take it day by day, you’ll find the good, you’ll lean on your people, and you’ll come out on top. Promise. 

I hope you know just how much I love being your mom. After almost four years of being married to your dad, some days I still find it crazy when my students call me Mrs. Haddix – As much as I love that name, I love being mom even more. 

On top of all of this- I hope you always know just how special you are. You have quite the village of people surrounding you to help you through life. I love you more than you’ll ever know, buddy. ❤️



Adventures with Baby H- Part 2, My Wish

Warning: This is going to be a sappy, mushy post. Those pregnancy hormones must be kicking in. Also, we have not found out Baby H’s gender yet but for the sake of my sanity, in this post baby is going to be referred to as he.

In the last couple months Sam and I have attended/been part of several milestone events for people in our life. Funerals, weddings, wedding showers, hearing my niece say one of her first words, friends buying a house and I’m sure more I can’t quite remember (thank you pregnancy brain). I have found myself fighting back tears at many of these events. It’s quite an amazing feeling to be growing a human. At Sam’s great aunts funeral I found myself hoping he would live a life as joyful and memorable as her. That there would be people who loved him and wanted to share stories and memories with him. At a wedding we went to last night I couldn’t hold back the tears when I looked at Sam, tears rolling down, during the mother/son dance and said “I’m going to have to do this some day.” His response was, “I might have to, too.” Lordy, these are things you (or maybe it was just us) don’t think about when you have the conversation with your significant other about having kids. Of course we have thought about the school events, sporting events, or family outings but literally every single part of our lives is going to have a whole new meaning once baby arrives. And we just simply cannot wait. I hope Baby H has people in his life who will guide him, create adventures with him, teach him a thing or two and just show him how it feels to be one of the luckiest people on Earth.

I hope he understands it’s okay to keep things simple like our grandparents. They have showed us a little hard work will take you a long way. I hope he has the dedication to all things like my dad (Sam, not so secretly, hopes he has the athletic ability of my dad). I hope he has the strength of my mom when life doesn’t go his way. I hope he has the love of the outdoors and the ability to take care of others like Sam’s mom. I hope he has the sense of humor and ability to make people laugh like Sam’s dad. I hope he has the sense of service like my brother. I hope he has the want to make things right like Sam’s brother. I hope he has the ability to cook like his aunt (unless some crazy miracle happens and I suddenly enjoy cooking, he won’t get that from me).

I hope he has people he calls family even though they are not blood related. The people he may start to explain the relationship, “My parent’s best friends of 30 years, daughter’s…” but then just decides to say “My family, you probably won’t get it.” instead because it’s easier.  I hope he has cousins he is excited to  talk to when life shows him new adventures, even though they may be scattered across the country.

I hope he has friends he stands in a circle with at a wedding and belts out songs like Jamey Johnson’s “In Color” and knows he’s not the only one that is singing the words right from the heart. I hope he has friends halfway around the world who share with him what it’s like to be a part of a different culture. I hope he has “small town America” friends that he can go visit after a rough week and enjoy the smell of cow manure and simplicity that being in a town with one or two traffic lights brings. I hope he has the friends he without a doubt knows will have his back at all hours of the day.

I hope he can sit on the patio of his own home on a sunny Sunday morning, throw a rope with his dog, hear the tv going inside the house and have a hard time understanding how he got to be so lucky.